‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin dishes on new season of ‘Straight Up’

The six-time WWE champion reveals details about season 2 of his hit show.
3:22 | 01/11/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin dishes on new season of ‘Straight Up’
Ready to jump in? Yes. You would be a gangster. Here we go. I scheduled my own intervention for entertainment. Whoa. Let's go as fast as we possibly can. All right. That was just a sneak peek from the new season of "Straight up Steve Austin" the series features the six time WWE world champion as he interviews celebrity friends and incredible surroundings. Here's he to tell us all about it. Let's welcome Mr. Stone cold himself, Steve Austin. How you are, young fella? I'm doing good. Thank you for having me on the show. Well, congrats on the show. It's supposed to an interview show but you have people throwing axes and you drive a car into the water, I mean why are you putting people through this stuff? I don't think I put them through it. It's like an action adventure interview show. And man, I tell you what, every time I meet the guest, before we go out and half the day, because it takes all day to film the show, I tell them, hey, man, if we don't have a good time doing this, we're doing something wrong. Whether it's an activity driving, or an activity get a chance to bond with someone and listen to their story, it helps facilitate the process. Who picks the activity and do you have veto power? I do have veto power, but I also have creative power. Thankfully usa network surrounded me with a great team behind me that makes me better than what I am. So I would say they're more the brains of it and we just go out there and do it. So it's actually, it's the job, kind of the wrong way to put it, but it's just a blast to do this and if somebody's got an idea, we're open to entertain that as well. Now, have you had a guest or maybe even you, if they brought an idea for something they want to do, and either you or the guest said oh, hell no? Yeah, I said hell no a couple of times. You know, whether it's from a guest, or from the production staff, you know, I'm wide open, on what we are willing to do, a lot of things but not everything. So they like to put me in different situations but some situations I care motto be in. Sou so you called this -- it's not a job. You went from being a wrestling champion to now hosting -- I guess hosting the show? You said it doesn't feel like a job necessarily. Could you imagine this was the direction your life, your career was going to go? No, because, you know, when you're stone cold Steve Austin, everybody thinks you're mad at the boss all the time or mad period all the time. The stone cold Steve Austin personality doesn't really facilitate a two-way conversation. I mean you tell me what the bottom line is. So I got it down. But make no mistake, I am me, about two or three, or whatever level we need to go to on this, and I think I'm looking at this calling in life but I would have never imagined years ago, hey, man, you would be doing a talk show on usa network when you're done, I would say I don't think so, but here we are. You have all the skills now and it is so good to see you. Thank you for allowing us to be a two-way conversation with us today at least. Good to see you, Steve. We want you to know "Straight up Steve Austin" returning tonight on usa. Good to see you. Hope to see you down the road. Thank you, guys. Have a good season three. Appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"The six-time WWE champion reveals details about season 2 of his hit show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75179769","title":"‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin dishes on new season of ‘Straight Up’","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/stone-cold-steve-austin-dishes-season-straight-75179769"}