Tika Sumpter celebrates moms of color

The “Mixed-ish” actress spoke on the joys and challenges of Black breastfeeding, motherhood and her new lifestyle brand SugaBerry.
4:14 | 09/16/20

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Transcript for Tika Sumpter celebrates moms of color
bring me a higher love Our next guest has been entertaining us on the big screen, in films such as "Sonic the hedgehog" and with the ABC hit show "Mixed-ish." She's now helping moms to have a discussion on motherhood through her new lifestyle brand "Sugaberry." Joining us now from Los Angeles, is tika sumpter. Your daughter was sick at the beginning of the pandemic, how is Ella doing now and how is your family being handling quarantine? Thank god Ella -- like every parent -- grateful that Ella got out of the hospital, she had some breathing issues and so she is thriving now, she's obsessed with eating altoids every morning. She's doing good. We're now, I feel like on the bike, riding it, we have a good -- we're doing well now. That's so good to hear. That's so good to hear. She's adorable. Congratulations, by the way, on the launch of your lifestyle brand, sugaberry. The podcast, the Suga. Tell us all about it and what inspired the projects. It's a black and brown mom's guide to the sweet life. For me when I was pregnant with Ella, almost four years ago, I felt like there wasn't a space for black and brown moms to be their complete sselves. And there was an array of lifestyle brand and when I did Google black motherhood, it felt like death, doom and destruction. So I wanted to create a place where they could come for resources, and see their own issues and also just spread joy and love. I feel like that's needed more than ever especially for It certainly is needed. An incredible space you're providing. You've been outspoken about that representation of black motherhood. What do you want people to know that mothers of color face? Yeah, there's a disparity in where black mothers even breast-feed, in the hospital they're not even given options. Their child is given formula without their permission. Or not told what's going on, and so, the disparity is very real and we all know that there are a lot of positive things about breast milk and feeding your we wanted to get more information out there. You play Alicia Johnson on mixed-ish, how does that role mirrors your real-life at home as someone in an interracial relationship, and how you and your fiance are navigating those conversations Right, I think a lot of people are navigating these conversations with their kids, especially if their kids are very aware. At 4 they start becoming aware. Nick does the work as well. It's not just on me to talk him through everything, but he reads and he talks to his friends and you know, tales to them about inequity and things we need to solve for the so, you know, I think it's little things with kids. You know, when we were going to go -- we went to a kids March and we made a sign. I asked Ella, what would you like to say to George Floyd? She said, I love you. I wrote that. She was trying to understand. What if someone treated dad different mom because of my skin color? She said that's not nice, and you know, so just little things. And I think every parent is trying to figure this out. Tika sumpter, thank you for being with us. Yes, make sure you go to sugaberry.com. Check out on the Suga on your favorite podcast. Have a wonderful day. Thanks, again. Thanks so much. Turn to final thoughts and Dr. Jen Ashton. Today it's about that balancing act that so many moms

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"The “Mixed-ish” actress spoke on the joys and challenges of Black breastfeeding, motherhood and her new lifestyle brand SugaBerry.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73049174","title":"Tika Sumpter celebrates moms of color","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/tika-sumpter-celebrates-moms-color-73049174"}