Carla Hall cooks soul food with Keke Palmer and Beth Behrs

Carla Hall puts on a spin on one of Keke Palmer's favorite comfort foods.
6:43 | 04/18/19

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Transcript for Carla Hall cooks soul food with Keke Palmer and Beth Behrs
my girl Carla hall, and Beth stayed around. Beth, before I called your last name berrs and it's actually behrs. I feel really bad about that. I must admit it looks like berrs. I always say to people it's like teddy bears. Oh, like teddy, you know. I don't know. I won't make that mistake again. It's a terrible last name, okay? Carla, I heard that we're making soul food today. Yeah, child. Can we get some music up in here? ��� ��� We're going the wrong way, Carla. There we go. It's the soul food dance. K pop dance. We got to get in the mood because we moved from K pop to this. That still works. It does. So what do we have here? I heard that you love soul food. I do. You know, so I wanted to do a dish, a couple dishes from my grandmother. I wanted to do smothered pork chops, overcooked green beans and potatoes, right, and then a candied yam. So, yeah. Let's get to it. Let's get into it. Let's get into it. How do you cook a pork chop? I feel like it's not as easy as one would think. You feel like, oh, I put it in the oven or on the stove and, boom, it's done. What's the process? First of all, you sear the pork chop. My grandmother used to get these really thin pork chops so you cook them for an hour. She'd start right after breakfast and we would come for dinner and the thing would be cooking all doing which worked because it got really tender. Today I'm using a thicker pork chop so that one, if you overcook it, it's shoe leather. So you want to cook it to about 155, 160 and sear it, sear it first, take it out, finish cooking it in the oven or in the pan, right, and then you make your sauce. So Beth, I'm going to have you actually put one on the plate. You're having me put this on the plate? Okay, Beth, girl -- Good luck, everyone, fingers crossed. I'm clumsy. I'm so clumsy. Take the spatula, you go under the pork chop. Under the pork chop. You balance it, then you move it to the plate. Balance and -- oh! Now Beth! I'm sorry. It's not going to be plated pretty. Okay, put that down. Okay. You're like my mom, okay, put this down. Put the knife down. Grab the spoon. You're going to get some of that smothered sauce. What sauce is this, Carla? This is like the brown sauce with the flour and the fat and the onions and garlic. Put that over the pork chop. Put that over the pork chop. This don't sound like a healthy meal but soul food usually isn't. She's giving us that coloring on the plate. I'm a chef who doesn't like it to look pretty. It's my thing. Go ahead, Jackson Pollock of the plate. So why the yukons, the green beans and the candied yam? So a double carb. A cheat day. So that is going to give me my sweetness and everything. This is going to give me these potatoes that are cooked in the broth so they're very savory. Here I have cooked them in the chicken broth and these potatoes absorb -- That looks delicious. That looks amazing. Beautiful. Right? So my grandmother would have served this but then I said I really want to do the sweet potatoes. Grab a potato if you want to, girl, because that stock absorbs into that. Okay. Sweet potatoes are one of my favorites, girl. Go ahead. Can I use my fingers? Totaly use your fingers. It's so slippery. That is delicious and I'm not just saying that. That is so good. Right? Oh, my gosh, yes, thank you. So all of these recipes though, I'm going to do the pork chops online so that people can actually see the process. Amazing. I'm going to take you through that process, but you can use pork tenderloin here. You can use a pork loin. You can use the chop. I love cooking with the bone because it doesn't dry out and you get more flavor. I agree with you on there. So we have this. Let's put this over here and let Beth get in there and get more potatoes. All mine. So I want to show you, this is my candied yams and I'm doing this very differently and I try to update and lighten up soul food, so I have some sweet potatoes here and, keke, I'm going to have you do this. I would be delighted. Take the fork -- I thought you'd never ask. You're going to split this one. So split these. In here I've got water, brown sugar, white sugar. I have some lemon juice. I'm going to add in some nutmeg. Come on, nutmeg. Come on, nutmeg. Everything that you would have in my sweet potato pie. That's next, right? Where was that at? Are we going to get that? Next time. How long do you cook the potatoes for? Until they're soft. I'm glad you asked. You're going to cook them at 375 until they're soft. Don't put them in foil. Just put them in a pan. I'm going to add some black pepper. I'm going to add some salt. I'm going to add some powdered ginger. Then I have a cinnamon stick in here. And then I'm going to add some butter. That butter looks nice. Right? All softened up. So that is going to reduce and I'm going to take my cinnamon stick and this is what it looks like here. This is what -- when that reduces. Beautiful. Please taste this, oh, my god, please taste this. I'm ready, child. You ain't got to tell me. How do you know when this sauce is done? So it reduces -- It almost tastes like what -- what is that taste of that -- Like apple pie almost. Exactly. It tastes like apple pie if it was liquidized. Right. That's exactly what it tastes like. I don't need to double dip. You already did it. Don't talk about it. So, right, you're going to push these open like this. Push these open. Girl, I love how you punched them down. You did it all delicate. Pushed all out like -- You know, it's kind of like a pimple. Sorry, not. Okay, you see that, you got that all done. Come over here. You're going to put this back in the oven under the broiler and that's going to get nice and charred. Come on down over here. Wow. We have everything here. I want you all to dig in. Try that potato. Yes. Thank you. All right. I love these. Sorry to be making you guys jealous right now but as Carla said, you can find all the recipes on the "Strahan & Sara" Facebook page.

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{"duration":"6:43","description":"Carla Hall puts on a spin on one of Keke Palmer's favorite comfort foods.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62487068","title":"Carla Hall cooks soul food with Keke Palmer and Beth Behrs","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/carla-hall-cooks-soul-food-keke-palmer-beth-62487068"}