Keke and Ali try pole dancing with Dalijah Franklin

The amazing instructor from Body and Pole studios shows us some beginner moves.
5:41 | 04/19/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Keke and Ali try pole dancing with Dalijah Franklin
we have an amazing, amazing instructor with us today. Dalijah. How are you guys? From the body and pole studios. Are you scared? I'm terrified. I started taking pole dancing lessons for my new movie "Hustlers." So I've done this before. But this was my first lesson. Yes, yes, yes. Nice. Nice. Oh, no. And then. Yeah. Change your hands. Oh, my gosh. Thank you. She's amazing. I'm like grandma out here. Come on. Dalijah's going to show us some beginner's move. Skwi just want to say that I'm married to George Stephanopoulos, chief anchor of ABC news. So I'm going to go on the pole and tomorrow we'll read about my very public divorce. Okay. All right, ladies, let's get started. We're going to start off with just a few beginner moves to get you guys started. This is your song. Let's just start with some walks first. So, arm reaches nice and high. Keep that arm up. Tippy toes. A nice little walks around. Do men do this, too? Men of course do this. Absolutely. I teach everyone from beginners to intermediate to advance. Switch to the other side. I'm feeling it. I'm feeling it, too. Like a stripper. What does pole dancing work, your core, arms? Your core, your shoulders, upper body strength, lower body strength. She doesn't need a teacher. She doesn't need an instructor. I love it. I love it. Come to the side. You're going to go into body rolls. Start first with your chest on the pole. Belly button on the pole. Back away from the pole. Sit your bootie down. Put it all together. Go chest, belly button. Well done. She's a natural. I love Ali. Should we try another move? Yes. She's like, I want to keep going. Be careful. I don't want George calling me. Let's come to the side of the pole, fan kick. The inside arm arm closest to the pole, nice and low, outside arm is going to be on top. Lift that inside leg up nice and high. You're just going to kick up. You got this. You make it look so easy. Let's see it. Bring your hips in front. Yes. Nice, you guys. Yes. Did you feel a little bit in your core? I love it. Another move? Shall we try another one? Yes, yes. Let's go into a fireman's spin. I'll show it to you first. Oh. What? Can I see it one more time? One more time. Okay, far away from the pole, we go in, we clutch it with the try to bring your ankles to the pole not your thighs to the pole. Start far away from the pole, like you're jumping to give someone a big hug. Both hands in at the same time and then just go for the ride. Bring the other foot behind the pole. Where have you been all my life? I found my calling. He is your calling. It's really hard not to go to your thighs. You have to push away from the pole. That's where the upper body comes in. Should we try a pole sit? Yes. Let's do all of it. Come next to the pole. This one might not be that great for you. Because you have leggings on. The less clothing you have on the better. Now, I'm 84 years old. I'm not taking my clothes off. You're going to reach up nice and high. Pull yourself up and just sit on the pole. Oh, my gosh. Yeah. Okay, so, one more time. A little bit closer to the pole. Cross at the knees. Yes. All right, so should we try should we try it all it all together? Walk it around. Keke, that should be your next album cover. Kick it in. The fireman sit. The fireman spin. The fireman sit. And thank you so much. Dalijah, thank you. Be sure to check out her body and pole. Take us out to break. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"5:41","description":"The amazing instructor from Body and Pole studios shows us some beginner moves. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62512388","title":"Keke and Ali try pole dancing with Dalijah Franklin","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/keke-ali-pole-dancing-dalijah-franklin-62512388"}