Meg Donnelly helps Sara and Michael decode teen slang

The "American Housewife" star spills the tea on thirst traps, snacks and glow ups.
6:14 | 02/04/19

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Transcript for Meg Donnelly helps Sara and Michael decode teen slang
Covered by Medicare and most major insurers. Guess what, Mrs. Otto? You are now looking at the two leads of "Little shop of horrors." Oh my god. Honey, that is awesome. But weren't you just the understudy? I was, but then Julie had a breakdown from all the pressure so she spray painted dirty words on the drama teacher's car. That was meg Donnelly in the hit show, "American housewife," and lucky for us, meg is also our very own resident teen expert. Yes, she is. Now meg is here to help -- you're here to help us as well as parents everywhere understand just what the heck their teens are talking about in a segment we're calling "Decode your teen." Yes. Decode your teen. It's a thing. It's a thing. We want to make this clear. These are words us parents can learn, but you should not -- should not attempt to use them yourself. No. Parents. Isn't that right, meg? Yes. That's very right. My dad uses the word, lit, and it's the most embarrassing thing ever. Please don't. Please don't, okay? All right. Okay. First up, we're going to start out with the tea. The tea. Does anyone have any guesses for what the tea is? I know what the tea is. Is it a special drink? No. Like special other than tea. I think I know this one. The tea is another word for gossip. So, you know, spill the tea. Do you have some hot tea, what's the tea? When you tell gossip, you have a cup of tea and you're, like, that. That's kind of what it is. Do you guys even drink tea? Not really. We drink coffee. They spill tea. They don't drink it. That's why you shouldn't use it. You shouldn't use it. I'm still very young, Michael. Next up. Next up is snack. Snack. Oh, I know this one. You do? Is it, like, a hot person? You're, like, oh, he's a snack. Yes, exactly. Yeah. When someone's really attractive, you're, like, oh. That's a snack. You know? If you are looking at Michael, you're, like, it's a whole vending machine. Dang. Okay. You still can't use the word, but you may have created a new one. Vending machine. I'm such a teen. Next is canceled. Canceled. It's kind of self-explanatory. When someone does really bad, they're canceled. A friend, a boo, anything? They're just canceled. Canceled out of your life. Like -- You tell them they're canceled or can you ghost? You can ghost if you want to, but it doesn't matter. They're just canceled. Don't renew your subscription. It's over. This whole segment is about stuff not to use. .S.S. Thththososol ess.usnao. All right. Ery Y Y Y Y hahaha opipipipipipipipipipipipipipip ipi ds th I kw what a thirsrstrap is. It's a pipiure that youost prably at the bebeh or maybe in the gym T tt you want pple to, like, pay attention to you, like, get those dms, you know, going. You want someone to slip into your dms. It's just a picture that you look really good in that you post. You make somebody thirsty for you. Exactly. Exactly, you know, like -- just got new earrings. Is it, like, a selfie? I can't get my goods parts with a selfie. I mean, it can be a selfie. Are you thirsty? Someone else can take a thirst trap. Of course. I want to use it properly. Our last one is glow up. I have no idea what this is. Is that when your social media goes crazy and you're, like, it's glowing up? No. It's, like -- I'm, like, dad right now. Broke on that one. What is glow up? It's kind of a transformation. So some people post pictures of, like, middle school and then them now and it's, like, I glowed up. I look better now. You know? Like a metamorphosis of sorts? Exactly. Yeah. Sure. Like interchangeable. Totally. You have no idea. This is one of the most informative segments we have ever had. We need up. We need you. We're going to do these. We have these new teen phrases that we have right here and our "Strahan and Sara" resident dad, jack, is in the house. Dad's going to give them a try. What's up, jack? Well, first of all, meg, so far this segment is really lit. So I was just outside cleaning out the show gutters because dad rule number one, never have a dirty gutter, right? The weird thing is we don't have gutters here at the show. But go ahead. I'm going to try out all these phrases. I'm going to get this right. Okay. I'm going to give it the old college try as we say. Okay. I'm about to spill the tea. I was feeling pretty canceled around the wife lately, but I have been hitting the gym so, the glow up is real. Before you know it, I'll be developing some photos at the drugstore to send them thirst traps because I'm going to be a real snack. I love you so much. You're fired. What? You're fired. Honey, we're not going to be able to afford the breakfast. I'm sorry. Thank you to our resident dad, jack. And a big thank you -- come on over here, meg. Come on, meg. Thank you. Thank you to meg. "American housewife" has new episodes at a new time on Tuesdays at 8:00 P.M. On ABC. Make sure you check it out.

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{"duration":"6:14","description":"The \"American Housewife\" star spills the tea on thirst traps, snacks and glow ups.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60832421","title":"Meg Donnelly helps Sara and Michael decode teen slang","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/meg-donnelly-helps-sara-michael-decode-teen-slang-60832421"}