Sara Haines and Michael Strahan react to Strahan's interview with Kevin Hart

Michael Strahan and Sara Haines have everything you need to know this afternoon.
5:43 | 01/09/19

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Transcript for Sara Haines and Michael Strahan react to Strahan's interview with Kevin Hart
Earlier today on "Good morning America," I had the chance to sit down for an interview with Kevin hart and of course, we discussed the recent controversy surrounding Kevin's past tweets which led him to step down as the host of this year's oscars. Well, it was a pretty insightful interview. Let's take a look. You apologized. You said you were sorry. There were a lot of people who have taken an issue to the way that you have apologized. So what do you say to that? I say I'm done with it. It gets no more energy from me. That's why I said for the last time, I'm addressing this. There is no more conversation about it. I'm literally -- I'm over that. I'm over the moment, and I'm about today. So if it's accepted, great. If it's not, it's nothing I can control. Some things are left out of your hands. So I'm done with it. I'm over it. That's where I personally am. And, you know, yeah. That was just part of it, and but I continued to talk with Kevin about his comments on being a father to a son who came out as gay if that were the scenario. Check it out. If your father out there, or any father. A black father or any father whose kid may be gay, and you have a son that is gay, what do you -- what do you say to your son? What do you say to other kids out there? Is there a message for kids in the midst of all this? Here's what you say. Are you a monster, man? No. No. People see you on this show every day. It's safe to say that you have good energy and you're a loving person. Why would I assume anything different? Why would I ever assume anything different? Why do you have to prove that you are a loving individual? You know who you are. People close to you know who you are. You shouldn't have to prove that or justify that. That's the position I'm in. I shouldn't have to prove who I am. I shouldn't have to prove the level of love that I'm capable of giving. If anybody out there wants to believe that Kevin hart is that much of a monster that he wouldn't love somebody because of their choice in life, then all power to them. Feel and choose to think how you think. I'm not addressing it. I'm not over-delivering and over-proving myself because no matter what you do, it may still not be received. You'll find yourself in a position where you go, what else do you want? I mean, very interesting to say that. Well, the one moment that I wouldn't hold against Kevin hart, but I think is a moment to teach is it isn't a choice. People are born this way. Yeah. So I understand the misstep in his verbiage, but that's why these conversations are important to teach. Part of the reaction or the hurt is there are people born this way, and when they hear that language, it's already enough of a battle to be authentic to yourself and come out that to hear that pushback is what you feared and why you stayed closeted. But I just want to clarify with his one wording that would be the one part that jumped out at me. You can see that for him even in doing that interview, it still -- it's still a hot button for him even though he says I'm done with it and it's over and I have apologized. I think it really strikes a chord that it hasn't been received by a lot of people, which, you know, there are going to be people who are saying, okay, I accept it and there are some who say, I don't accept it at all no matter what you say and I think that has been the biggest challenge and battle that he has had, and finally here's Kevin -- he is talking about continuing to address the story in the future. What do you want? You want my arms? But I think a lot of people say you don't have to prove -- you put out a great energy. Nobody can deny that. You make everyone laugh and make everyone enjoy every room you walk into. Once they comments are out there in the public or Twitter or wherever they may be, people feel you have to address it and you have to show that you are not what you say you were back then, and that your beliefs are not the same. So you can say you have great energy, but the comments or something has not been put out there in this way about them so they don't have to prove in the way people expect you to do. Here's what I was saying. If there wasn't comment number one that addressed it, I would get it. If I didn't say that I addressed it way back then in 2008 and 2009, then I would get it, but I know I did. I readdressed it again, and I went on "Ellen" and did what I thought at addressing it again. Are you surprised at the backlash that Ellen received? It shows me there is no -- there is no ending to it. If you keep feeding this energy, then it's going to grow. You're not getting no more of my energy from it. I'm not giving no more. Strong statement. Strong statement. Yeah, but the big thing I got from this is I think Kevin hart's right that you apologize and just because it's not the way people want to hear it -- there are people that want him to be an advocate and ally for lgbtq. You can't overnight change your belief system. What we do with this is we take it and continue to educate and inform so people that lack that understanding can hopefully get the information they need because I don't hold it against Kevin that he has different beliefs and he did apologize. We have to stop the mob mentality of destroying people because they said something. Yep. Yep. And as you said about him being an advocate for the community, but I don't think it would be authentic because that's not the community that he is apart of and understands, but I just, you know, I'm happy he stopped by to talk about it because it took a lot to talk about that. It did. He could say I'm not saying another word and I'm done. I'm glad he didn't. You asked good questions. I really enjoyed. I couldn't stop watching that interview. So thank you.

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{"id":60262681,"title":"Sara Haines and Michael Strahan react to Strahan's interview with Kevin Hart ","duration":"5:43","description":"Michael Strahan and Sara Haines have everything you need to know this afternoon.","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/sara-haines-michael-strahan-react-strahans-interview-kevin-60262681","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}