Sara's daughter Sandra, and her wobbly walk

She's just learning how to walk ... and fall.
1:32 | 03/28/19

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Transcript for Sara's daughter Sandra, and her wobbly walk
I wanted to show you a video. How are you doing? Don't worry about me. I'm good. I heard you're nippy. It's fine. I have a video. That has captured this week for me. Sandra, my 1-year-old just recent hi started walking. Like a week ago. Like a week ago. So she's like a work in progress. We're not quite there yet. I was shooting a video of her the other day that had a mood of a Friday with the execution of a Monday. Let's show the video. What are you doing? ������ Alec, what is your sister doing? It's okay. No baby was harmed in the shooting of the video. The worst part is, I was like, okay, she seems a little nervous. But I'm not going to stoll rolling. Falling to me is so funny. You're like, oh, gotta get it on video. And a stumble. Alec once fell into a box. And his legs and his face were like this. He couldn't get out. He was mad immediately. I was like, just two more seconds is not going to kill him. But this is making mommy so happy. I love the -- I love the -- I love the walking. First walking. Figuring out your balance type of phase. But they're sweet. I have to come and baby-sit They miss you. I miss them, too. Alec still says Michael Strahan. You call me that. Everybody uses my whole name. When you have earned that kind of status, you get both names. I also call Laila Laila Ali. You're working on crafts. I am. You're going to teach us how

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{"duration":"1:32","description":"She's just learning how to walk ... and fall.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62011413","title":"Sara's daughter Sandra, and her wobbly walk","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/saras-daughter-sandra-wobbly-walk-62011413"}