New season 27 celebrity cast of 'Dancing With the Stars' busts a move

Sara Haines and Michael Strahan play a hilarious lightening round game with the new "Dancing" cast.
8:08 | 09/12/18

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Transcript for New season 27 celebrity cast of 'Dancing With the Stars' busts a move
season 27 of "Dancing with for their chance at mirror bl glory.there are ou. We've got a ques the ballroom blitz. You he to answer Oller out when we call your name. Nikki glaser, show us your go to dance move. 13 seconds. Go ???ne kiss isll it take??? ??? T possibilies ??? is that ig to of you I tnkpetition W W ry Lou tton, olympic G medalist. E go, you have 13 seconds to give Amer-- I love you. We ha3 seconds. 13 secongive America the best pep talk on why to vote for you. 13conds. Go. America, I had support years ago need yousupport Toda right. Vote for me. Me a Sha. Gorica, U.S.A.! Whoo! That's the way to finish. Super bowl champ Demarcus ware, another ceb and show us your best partner spin Another reason to vote. Ready Hego. Okay. All righ milo Manheim, you're up. Sney star. Can you juggle these mirror balls we hght here? Let's see what you got, MI oh, my man! By bones. Hidinbehind me. They call you most ul man in country sic. I'll Dano country music. The PEOP that love cry C, ple in middle America like myself. I don't feel like I S here. I'm to be an ba forrybody a home. I never dand a D in my life. Do you know how to line E? 'Ve never danced T anything. I'm goi on the ney. Maar Juan pabl dipace. You ooze sex appeal, but we want to see your worst dance move Good luck. ??? She saire back ??? he said sh up and dance with me ??? ??? this woman is my destiny ??? ??? she said oooohhut and dance with Hey, Juan Pablo, that's good.oo hard Tok at a guy like you and you do th bad move. I don't feel sorr Joe -- want to say -- Amabile. Not en E. What is it? Bile. What is that? Italian. Yeah, I saw hand like that. Which celebrity is ybi competitand why. Ue to our dancers being Ave to go nay. You'ry home. Be careful Joe, beeful wherestep. Pop singer tinashea, what I your trick for great chemistry We go on French fry dat before reveal. Rea Y D't look LI you eat ench fries. I do. Oka I that. We have a discrepancy between wale fries a regular fries. I said rular. Affle. Regular. More ketcp. It pends wh making them. Ty're one, regular all way. Evannnch give us fufacts about yourself. 1s. F, shouldn't sang this. I'd of spongebob squarepants. I see a dance coming on. O. Dooto that. That would be cruel. N't psych out within. Even that gives mehe creeps. I N't swim. I'm ared of war. Can you with fun You'vdone fear and N't. A F thing, my cat Hase her a lo That'fun. It's cool. You get to hear why she'ing what she's doing. That fun, Litt S too, but it's fun. I'm gulble. I like that. Thank you.'s hard toe up with three fun facts about yourself. Good job. All T, "Facts of life," ve do you hope to work into your routine on the show? You can show us if yik What Dae Milo, help her out. ??? applause ] I was hoping theyouldull his move, the jerky one. So Sor. Exis, havever taken a dance class? Yes. S a balletancer for N years. Ly? Yea Mary lo I thought it would he loances are fast andhnique outof he wane there quk ballet is about E and it's not helpin Ballet is about grace and baroom is no grace. No grace, but which NER done. It's always turned out. Ot going to E? Maybe. John and who's you favorite judge? Got that. The on king me the That's what I like. Ohn? Len. All about technique. My biggestear about Len is's allbout tique. Thce between the way Are you rding? Yeah. Re we on Facebook live? We ar Sson 27 of "Dan with the stars"remiers September 24th at 8:00 P.M. Right here on

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{"duration":"8:08","description":"Sara Haines and Michael Strahan play a hilarious lightening round game with the new \"Dancing\" cast. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57774693","title":"New season 27 celebrity cast of 'Dancing With the Stars' busts a move","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/season-27-celebrity-cast-dancing-stars-busts-move-57774693"}