Michael interviews Snoop Dogg

Snoop discusses Mick Jagger, Run DMC and the misuse of "fo' shizzle."
5:04 | 01/29/19

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Transcript for Michael interviews Snoop Dogg
I have a lot of jobs. And very very little free time so if I do get a chance to talk with somebody cool it's going to be quick and it got to be nearby. And I had a chance to talk to my boys knew. Seoul what is quick end here buying the hard rock cafe it is literally right Bayer crop a daring of negative SATA dared you'll get a set it right there. So that's why didn't know what it's short on time. And so enjoy our first installment of Michael street hand extremely short on time celebrity interview. They're no hard rock. I'm curious. Uses though it is everybody want to hang with the doll Saturday so you you have many classic rock. Do that you hate how we like the beetle the roads don't give a metal. I'm mainly jagr and we was in landed in the hotel and some might say it was Hussein's. Billion songs like I want an eighty soul mate came down a man in the primary role she has standards it depicts women. I taught him how much I was a fan of the whatsoever there was life as I know loading music. Valued do we while the new season gets mutilated itself and have fun because and it coming and saying they put actual business owners shut us OK so you know what do you see him in this post she is yes. But he quoted people go to Google uses to make an historic stand had a at a charter writing into certain things like at memorial TV sure for more. Horrible way to try to write in the interim lightweight image that was like four years ago will be little if they just got to feel you can't scripted kiss script the flight with my best to be in. Not only try to make you wrapped up 100 that this isn't dead brother's life. What scares me about doing what they do. It's a job and every year and you also thought thousands of people don't know it's been able is to you. The plate recognition of the Dalton so what and what of the play about the land mine crichton. Passed smile I'd jump I didn't. Yeah. Did you crowned king. Hey. The Stuart Mann there. New Martha Stewart actually hang out with the Silverado yamana have been she'd been in my house right ashy daylight. This you know there should be the next disagree on this side and you know an alarm from her. Because I allowed to Larry like I'm never too old to learn a month old daughter was low and trick you would have to do this. Go to all these fancy dinner that you don't know if we decide to bridge is always that a dream is still a good idea ended unaudited table like big won't break head. Jury created. Jury okay I didn't screw it up for every grazing lag Hollywood. Walk of fame you've got your own star junior Diddy one of the greatest speeches ever. Last but not least. I want to thank me. You made a ring for Obama summoned from. Socialists are quarterly looked up from because he was so happy I got it we have a tape we want to check out reverend runs case. Run DMC. Joseph sentenced Joseph Simmons. And relocate every young and now we look at lengths. You don't go now like David brownlee okay right on right. Then they'd go Dave go live go for you please run DMC was some of my favorite and sees growing up. My song Jeanne thank. Watch this. Just like this that end this Santa. We think that K front. Run DMC exactly here we go. Here we go. Here we go here we go we we you leave here we go. DUZANDJ. Work done duty done duty did you don't know me ram runs he would normally awareness. I'm I'm Joni Mitchell I'll know there are struggling to take it home to live good. They face value have come forward to using my security since. This disease Danish security demonize same month. Looking at the Greek. Oh yeah do you eat food would agree and I UK time. Come on the road to peace look at all of does not look a look at on the bottom group. See people who everything you don't want to attack but can do to top of the hour who sat atop make you talk like a shark meaning decades gave thanks to advance. Again they've been going to talk like everything they gave it a bit yeah rap battle reggae album gospel album. I wouldn't get you didn't. I'm Mason close we are right Jeff Manning what do must still go out this. Do you have anything anywhere I think not in this particular one but I got one in Vegas a I don't know made to have some in his restaurant. Yeah there's outfit yet. Good news bad news don't. The goodwill did you close they made it to heart drop. Bad new the is. You're white guy.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"Snoop discusses Mick Jagger, Run DMC and the misuse of \"fo' shizzle.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60702963","title":"Michael interviews Snoop Dogg ","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/snoop-doggs-extremely-short-time-interview-60702963"}