How to do the 'Thriver' yoga routine for metastatic breast cancer awareness

Lilly is raising awareness for metastatic breast cancer. Learn more at the MoreForMBC Facebook page.
5:36 | 10/11/18

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Transcript for How to do the 'Thriver' yoga routine for metastatic breast cancer awareness
awareness month and right now we are coming together to work on the mind, body and soul with the help of actress and mbc advocate Mira sorvino and Kate baldasari. I wanted to know the difference with met at that timic breast cancer. Metastatic breast cancer is when the original breast cancer has moved to other parts of the body. It has metastasized and migrated. It is the only kind of breast cancer that kills you and yet it receives a very, very tiny amount of the research dollars and the attention that breast cancer gets. So we're trying to bridge that gap and focus on that community and all these people today are thrivers living with metastatic breast cancer and I'm partnering with Lilly to try to raise money. To all the thrivers. And the thriver movement, what exactly is a thriver movement and why does it hit so close to home for you? Okay, the thriver movement is both like a movement representing the community trying to get the word out there and to raise attention and funds for research for a cure. But it's also a movement, a flow which I think you can explain better than me that was devised with the community's needs in mind. Would you like to explain that? The thriver movement and the pose are going to be performed today and was created for the mbc community specifically and we hope that it turns out out to be a symbol of unity for this community and raise awareness for this incurable disease and also to help alleviate some of the daily impact and stress that this community feels so we just want to give them something to kind of help them through this and really raise awareness for them. So you're going to show us right now. Absolutely. Okay. So we're going to take you through it. We're going to take you through the steps to get to our final thriver pose and we're doing it for the first time today so we're really excited. So we'll stand grounding your feet underneath of you. Take a deep breath in and we'll go to a shoulder raise and inhale, raise those shoulders up, this lengthens and strengthens the spine and then you're going to exhale, let all that tension go and turn the palms forward. Going to a heart opener. You're going to draw the palms back, lift the chest and this opens your heart chakra which allows you to take in love, compassion and acceptance, so just take a breath in. Then we're going to exhale and cross the hands over the chest. Press on the top of your shoulders, tip your chin back and then again feel your heart chakra open. Should our eyes be open or close? I keep closing mine. It feels good so you can close your eyes or you can just gently gaze up. You want to exhale. Soften your chest and gently press down on the tops of the shoulders, it stretches the back and neck. Can help to alleviate tension headaches, and then we'll take the hands down and this is where we're going to come into our final thriver pose. Before we do this pose, I think this is something the whole audience can do with us. You guys mind. Just stand up and thrive with us. Come on. Everybody stand up and join in. You can do it standing or sitting. Modify it to your needs. You'll feel yourself grounded to the floor and you're going to gather up that energy, heart and hand lift to the sky, heart chakra opens and for the first time we are thriving as one. And I want to ask one question while we're all thriving here. Mirra, why is this specifically important to you? I've lost two of my dearest friends in this world to metastatic breast cancer, one Kareem Nowak and -- several years ago and very recently my dear friend champagne joy who was a leader within this community as an activist. She brought me in. She helped me understand the needs. How stage four needs more. How there needs to be so much more attention on curing this currently ink curable disease which kills 40,000 people a year and that number hasn't changed so our current way of dealing with it is not working but she brought me in to March on Washington with a number of breast cancer groups. You know, this specific campaign is going to help three different metastatic breast cancer charities, one of them being the young survival coalition, one is living beyond breast cancer and one is metavivor, which is an incredible organization which finds grants. The president of metavivor is Beth Fairchild. I thought you should hear from someone living with the disease of what people should know about it. Beth. Well, I think quickly, you know, no one ever wants to hear the word cancer. It's terrifying. But the fact is no one ever dies from a lump in their breast. It's not until their cancer becomes metastatic or that it spreads is it fatal and without research, life-saving research that can lead to therapies for us, we're going to continue to die at the rate of 40,000, 41,000 a year when you include the men. It doesn't have to be that way. If we can fund the research and direct it towards metastatic disease, then we can change that. How can people sitting at home right now get involved specifically with this? Okay, the exciting thing is here if you post a photo of yourself doing the thriver pose and you do the #moreformbc, $100 will be donated to these charities. That's so easy. We got to say thank you, Mira. Thank you, Beth. Thank you so much. It's amazing what you're doing and we're happy to be able to support you guys. Thank you. Thank you. We challenge you to do that because that's so easy and that's $100 so a big thank you to our sponsor Lilly and go to for more information on Lilly's thriver movement.

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"Lilly is raising awareness for metastatic breast cancer. Learn more at the MoreForMBC Facebook page.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58437497","title":"How to do the 'Thriver' yoga routine for metastatic breast cancer awareness","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/thriver-yoga-routine-metastatic-breast-cancer-awareness-58437497"}