New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley is our new 'GMA Day' 'intern'

Saquon Barkley brings Michael Strahan and Sara Haines everything they want in Times Square.
6:08 | 11/27/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley is our new 'GMA Day' 'intern'
Welcome back to "Gma day," everybody. We would like for you guys to meet our new intern. I'm so excited. His name is saquon Barkley. You're a football player. I understand you're pretty good. You hold your own. I'm okay. Why do you want to be an intern? I mean, he's a great giant. He went from football to TV and did it the right way. I'm just trying to learn from the old guy. He speaks the truth. All right. Well, you know, old guy needs some water. How about that? I gotcha. You know these youngins nowadays. I'm not old. I'm what you call seasoned, experienced. You're more dated than he is. Got your water. That was prompt. Thank you. That was a quick turn around. I love how you're anticipating our needs. I don't have a pen. If you could just grab me one -- I can do that for you. Thank you. You gotta -- one thing about being an intern, you've got to make them work. And they've got to get there ahead of you. Don't wait until I ask. I got you a bag this time so maybe that won't happen again. You went to the store that quick? They said he was fast, I didn't know he was that fast. He's really good. It's really cool, when I played for the giants, there was this baked ziti place. It was right next to the stadium. It was my absolute favorite baked ziti. I have a hankering for some. I can do that. He's got to go to Jersey and with all this holiday traffic, it will be a while. He's fast. Wow. The traffic was a little bit -- It's still warm. All right. We know this isn't really why you're here. Pull up a chair and chat with us. Talk to us, man. Give me a hug though. You got the job. I gotta say, it is always fun every Sunday to watch you play. You're an amazing player and more so than that, an amazing guy. I think that's the best thing. You're such a great example for all these young players and how to navigate from high school, to college to the pros, you're great. I'm glad you're a giant. You made me proud to be a giant. You're here to unveil something today. I am. I think you got it. I've got it right here. You've got big feet. Yeah. Hold on, I'm going to do like that so they can see both sides. This is your niece? Yes. Let's put her out. She's a cutie. What do these represent? The NFL allows all players through the league to participate in my cause, my cleats. You put your -- what you're passionate about on your cleats. For me my niece, Amira, who I love to death, has a rare genetic disease called 22q. That's what I'm passionate about. Now with the help of the NFL, I want to raise awareness. 22q is a rare disease. It's not common to the public. It's something I was talking to my brother about when I was in college and when the opportunity came, I wanted to help. I'm going to take my own money and donate to the cause. I've actually done this before. The NFL -- players are individuals. Everybody has their own personality and a lot of things they're passionate about it. It allows them to show what they're passionate about. They auction off the cleats. All the money goes to charity. I think it's one of the most amazing programs that the NFL does. What size shoe -- Is this your size? Yeah. It's a 14. You're like a jack rabbit. You're a 14? Yeah. I'm a 14. I got gipped somewhere. This is amazing, man. On top of showing how much you care, you're also a great father. You have a new baby. Baby Jada. Yeah. There you are, man. You just want to show off your biceps. I get it. How is it being a new dad? It's great. She's 7 months now. It's amazing. Every time you wake up you get to see your daughter. It gives you a purpose in life. It gives you something to work harder for. I always wanted to be great. Now you have a family to support. You've got a daughter looking up to you. Try to be positive and even the mistakes you make, be honest. There are things I learned from my parents that helped me to be a better father. It gets better. She's still little. People kept telling us that. I get it as I have a 2 and a half-year-old. They become these little people. All this work you're doing now, you'll see it's amazing. She is only 7 month. You see how she's changing. She's crawling now and making sounds. She knows your face. She smiles. She has a beautiful smile. It's crazy being a dad. It's a blessing. It definitely is. I tell you what, 22q and, saquon, seriously thanks for stopping by. You're the best intern we've ever had. You're the fastest one. You can visit to learn more about the causes and you can bid on their cleats at

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"Saquon Barkley brings Michael Strahan and Sara Haines everything they want in Times Square. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59445767","title":"New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley is our new 'GMA Day' 'intern'","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/york-giants-running-back-saquon-barkley-gma-day-59445767"}