These companies are hiring amid COVID-19 pandemic

The new “GMA” series, “Work Smart,” looks at the businesses that have openings and the new opportunities created because of the coronavirus.
3:23 | 06/02/20

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Transcript for These companies are hiring amid COVID-19 pandemic
temperature up to 5:00 P.M. High temperature around 74 at 5:00 P over 40 million Americans out of work due to covid-19, we're breaking down where to find the new job opportunities created by the pandemic and which companies need more hands on deck so Rebecca Jarvis is joining us with that very useful information this morning. Good morning, Rebecca. Reporter: Good morning to you, Amy. That's right. It is an extremely difficult job market but there are more than 6 million job openings across the country as we speak. You just have to know where to look to find them. So there's only 21 items for this order so it's not too big. I have a time limit of about 24 minutes so let's get it done. Reporter: Sara needed to find another option. I pay for everything myself. My apartment and it was really scary for me just because like being furloughed. That is a huge like weight on my shoulders. Reporter: Within a few weeks Sara found a job as an instacart shopper making deliveries to people who can't leave their home. My mom is a health care worker and I just felt like I should be helping people, so I thought that this would be a great way for me to help people in my community and to make some extra cash. Every day I tie to make between 100 and $120 and I normally get there between like two to three orders. Reporter: Instacart increased its workforce by 150% due to a rapidly increasing consumer demand and they're just one of many companies hiring thousands of new workers amid the Some of the companies that are hiring, Amazon, instacart, Walmart, CVS, FedEx is another great example, any kind of delivery jobs, those are companies and roles where we've seen large amounts of hiring. Reporter: According to linkedin they can find openings in public health, health education, technology, delivery services and virtual education and there are also new jobs emerging. One standout is contact tracing. Contact tracing involves when you identify a new case, you speak with them about anybody who they may have had contact with while they were infectious. When you talk about new jobs that are emerging the contact tracer is the one I think that is probably going to be a stepping stone to doing a lot of work and it will be the kind of thing people rely on to be able to pay their rent and to pay their mortgage. Reporter: And there is an immediate need right now across the country for 100,000 contact tracers. The average pay here in New York is roughly $57,000 a year. You do not need a four-year college degree. You can gain the skills through the employerer and you should contact if you're interested your local health department. Amy. Rebecca, that's great to know. What other resources are there out there for people looking for work right now? Reporter: So the department of labor website has a number of resource, training modules for people looking for new skills and the new jobs this this new economy. I also highly recommend the website and list any job you've had whether it was your last one or one you had a few years ago and they will point you in the direction of similar jobs where there are openings and there could be a match. Amy. That's great. Already, Rebecca Jarvis, thank you as always.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"The new “GMA” series, “Work Smart,” looks at the businesses that have openings and the new opportunities created because of the coronavirus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71014830","title":"These companies are hiring amid COVID-19 pandemic","url":"/GMA/Living/video/companies-hiring-amid-covid-19-pandemic-71014830"}