George Stephanopoulos takes on 11-year old chess prodigy

Chess has seen a rise in popularity thanks to the success of Netflix's 'The Queen's Gambit' and ABC News’ chief anchor sits down with national chess champion Oliver Boydell for a game.
6:20 | 12/29/20

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Transcript for George Stephanopoulos takes on 11-year old chess prodigy
we have been looking forward to a face-off like you have never seen before. George Stephanopoulos against an 11-year-old chess prodigy. This classic game has found new popularity. So we matched up George with Oliver boydell. He's the chess prodigy. Take a look at George's gambit. He's the ized prodigy taking the chess world by storm. Oliver is a national chess champion who hopes to one day become a grand master. Boydell is also out with a new book, "He's got moves," 25 legendary chess moves as analyzed by a smart kid. Tell me how you got into chess. I was 5. I learned on my mom's iPad. You must have a real kill ir instinct. I guess I do. It's been a big year for the game driven by chess gambit. Chess isn't always competitive. Chess can also be beautiful. You can even play against a virtual version of the character at different levels online. I played the 22-year-old version, which is the best version of Beth harman. And I ended up winning, so I'm currently undefeated agains F you're undefeated against Beth harman, you're going to have no trouble with me right now. So as I said, I want you to be kind as we play, try to put away that killer instinct for a few minutes and be a good coach to me, as well. Ready to get started? Yeah, sure. How will I do against Oliver? I started out strong. That's aood move. I'm going to play knight f3. Keeping pace. You haven't done anything wrong yet. I'll take that. But then -- It looks like a good move, but I think it's slightly a losing move. Good move for a loser. Hit a rough patch when I opened up a pawn to open up the board for a rook. In the end -- August I can do is go down here. Yep. Now I go up here and I'm going bring my other rook to that other square. Oliver was unstoppable. And that's checkmate. You. You taught me a lot. Losing is the best way to learn. Which means you have to find other ways to learn. Good luck with the book and good luck with your chess career. Thank you. Absolutely. Let me bring in the guy who I've never heard talk to George Stephanopoulos like that before. Oliver, my man, it is good to see you. Congrats on being the only person I have ever talked to that has beaten George Stephanopoulos at anything. But, no, tell me in all seriousness, how did he do? How was he as a player? I think did really well. I compared to what he would do. I thought he WOU be as good as he was. So it was -- I was nervous at the start because he was playing some good moves. That sounds like our George. He is giving -- look at that, Oliver is giving our George props. I'm sure he was prepped for you. But Oliver, we heard you want to be a grand master, a chess master here. But is there any other career path you could see yourself taking? Well, of course I want to become a grand master, but no matter what I will do, I will always keep chess by my side and continue to teach and learn ch because it's something I'm very passionate about. And I would love to have it as a part of my career. We've seen this resurgence and interest in chess, but I think a lot of people find the game pre intimida if you're someoneho is just trying to get started, how do you recommend jumping in? You should always try to play chess consistently and often and try to play every day. And some cool things that can help you learn are doing chess online games and chess tactics and chess puzzles and chess videos as these things help sharpen your mind and improve your game. I'm still thinking about what you said to George, losing is the best way to learn. We'll see if anybody says that to him in the hallwaysund here. But if you can play against anybody, anybody in the world, obviously, you know who the big chlayers are out there, or even celebrities or public figures. If you could pick anyone, who would it be to play? Well, playing against George waly fun. And it would also be cool if could play against Jimmy Kimmel because he seems like a really funny and cool P and it would be great to play against him. But I also would enjoy T play the legendary chess grand masters that are in my book that have inspired and influenced me to play chess. Well, good list. Great list. I'm sure you'll get everybody on the list. But we couldn't help it. Took down our guy. We were rooting for our George. You were very nice about it.but we have a gift for you, something wed to pass along to you for spend something time with us and it's your own chess set. We have it engraved for you, a special chessset, to Oliver from good morning America. And we're going to get that to you, but a little token, a gift. How many chess boards do you have already? I should have. I don't know exactly because I have so many, but some of the really nice chess boards I have, I have like three very nice chess boards and then some chess boards I have, I have a lot of, like, plastic chess boards. Which pile ours go into? Yours goes into the special pile. Okay. Because they all -- one is a nice wooden chess board that came from my dad. And one is signed by Fabiano carawana who played in the world chess championship in 2018. And one came from Gary caspara who is a famous chess grand master and the world chess champion before. All right. Oliver, my man, it is so good to talk to you. Thanks for being such a good sport. Congratulations on all you have been doing and we expect great things from you down the road. All right? Thank you for having me on the show. That is the most fun I have had in quite a while here.

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{"duration":"6:20","description":"Chess has seen a rise in popularity thanks to the success of Netflix's 'The Queen's Gambit' and ABC News’ chief anchor sits down with national chess champion Oliver Boydell for a game.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74947225","title":"George Stephanopoulos takes on 11-year old chess prodigy","url":"/GMA/Living/video/george-stephanopoulos-takes-11-year-chess-prodigy-74947225"}