‘GMA’ gives a single mother from Chicago a Valentine’s Day glow-up

Dating expert Bela Gandhi helps Anne Ziesemer get back on the dating market.
3:07 | 02/15/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘GMA’ gives a single mother from Chicago a Valentine’s Day glow-up
Now Valentine's day before the most romantic day of the year arrived, we to help a single mom get out there. Janai, tell us what went down. So this mom is a single mom from Chicago. She wanted to get back out on the market so we joined forces with a dating expert to give her a Valentine's day glow-up and some tips to up her dating game. Take a look. In 2006 Ann's life changed forever. I found out I was pregnant at 22. It was extremely terrifying. Reporter: The single mom relying on her entire family to make it work while her closest friends just couldn't relate. There was the struggle of feeling alone, especially when she was real young because I didn't have any mom friends. Reporter: Ann focused on being the best mom she could always going above and beyond for others. Ann has been putting everyone else before her own needs for so long. She deserves a day of pampering. Reporter: So we teamed up with dating expert Bela Gandhi, and got Ann ready for Valentine's day. Hi. So nice to meet you. Tell me who you're looking for. Who is your dream guy? I'm looking for someone that is a partner, someone that understands that I'm a mom. Reporter: Taking her straight to the salon to up her dating game. After speaking with Ann, I realized she doesn't really understand the little red flags that can become big red flags. One is if anybody is too fast and furious, if somebody is controlling or angry in any way and if they're inconsistent, unreliable. Reporter: While Ann is at the salon getting her hair cut and colored, I partnered with banana republic to overhaul her dating wardrobe. first thing you want to keep in mind is we're going with bright colors, feminine styles because color looks amazing. Reporter: With a bit more glamming and ready to show everyone her new look. Come out, beautiful girl. Oh, my gosh. You look amazing. You like look amazing. I love it. Reporter: Taking that confidence into the photo shoot. This super mom now ready to jump back into the dating pool and Bela's final tip -- You have to have the right mindset. This isn't going to happen quickly. Ann, did you have fun today? I had the best time. Thank you very much. I'm so excited for your dating life. I am too. And so here's another tip from Bela. She advises that you should give people a second chance because she says chemistry doesn't always happen immediately. Ann says she's excited to get back into the dating game and she's taking Bela's advice to Good for her. Good advice and that mom is really brave to be getting out there. The chemistry thing is important because rob and whit didn't like each other at first then they got into the sweater together. Really weird. That second chance has been like none other. That's right. Once you're in a sweater with nowhere to go. You make it work.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Dating expert Bela Gandhi helps Anne Ziesemer get back on the dating market. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69005357","title":"‘GMA’ gives a single mother from Chicago a Valentine’s Day glow-up","url":"/GMA/Living/video/gma-single-mother-chicago-valentines-day-glow-69005357"}