‘GMA’s’ Pet of the Week: Meet Zeus

This cool cat makes a paw-sitive impact in the life of his human, who has autism.
2:11 | 08/14/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘GMA’s’ Pet of the Week: Meet Zeus
It is time though for our pet of the week. Take a look. That is our wall of winners right there and this morning we're celebrating one cool cat who's having a positive impact in his humans' life. Meet zeus. For 14-year-old trey Delgrosso his cat zeus has become more than just a pet. Whenever I am nervous, I pick him up and he calms me down. Reporter: Trey along with mom Jennifer and sister Tess rescued the siamese mix in 2017 after he took a liking to the breed and ever since zeus has become a lifeline to managing trey's sometimes consuming anxiety associated with having autism. And even made him feel comfortable enough to speak publicly. I'm here to speak on autism. To educate my peers about why I have autism and that it's not scary. Reporter: The delgrossos forever thankful a formidable feline like zeus came into their live. Zeus is outgoing, loving and energetic and as a mom and watching what he's done for trey is really hard to put into words. We love him to death. He's just a constant source of happiness. The two fur puns in one sentence. Top writing from "Gma" right there. Joining us live from swiftwater, Pennsylvania, Jennifer, trey, Tess and zeus. Welcome to you all. Very to ask you, thanks for joining us, I understand there is a rule in the house if you have a cat on your lap you don't have to do the chores. Is that right? There is. As we're sitting down to read or watch TV, the cat comes to sit on your lap, we don't decision turn the cat. That's your time to bond with them so you can ask other people for help. We are so excited to have zeus as our pet of the week. And tell us, if he can actually speak human, what do you think that he would say about this honor? Well, zeus loves people so he would like to say thank you to his favorite friend Charlie and happy birthday to Steve. Thank you so much to zeus and, trey, thanks for sharing the story. Inspirational. We truly appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"This cool cat makes a paw-sitive impact in the life of his human, who has autism.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72370890","title":"‘GMA’s’ Pet of the Week: Meet Zeus","url":"/GMA/Living/video/gmas-pet-week-meet-zeus-72370890"}