How a group is empowering vets and their families

Representatives from the Travis Manion Foundation open up about the organizations' work to empower vets and their families on "GMA."
2:55 | 05/28/18

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Transcript for How a group is empowering vets and their families
On this memorial day as so many of usoy the luxury and ly is the luxury of spending time with our family and friends we want to take a moment to recognize and thank the servicemen and women who have given their lives Fors enjoy our freedom. Joining is T president of the Travis manionfoundati, R Manion. Good moing, happy mem day. This day hascial significance to you. Can you about it. It does.this was like eve other memorial day that people enjoy barbecues and backyard parties but on April 29th, 2007 my brtravis gaveis life in Iraq on his second tour of duty and memorial day took on ale new meaning for me and my ly. I'm so sorry about that if that's right. Your brother's memory and honor youe taken this day and TD it intoomething very special. Tes about that. Sure, so you know, it is said T death claims thebody, god claims the soul and we the livingre responsible for the legacy.and so with that, we srted the Travis Manion foundation to inue not just Travis'y but the legacy of all the men and women who H given their lives in ser to this country. Applause ] You have a couple of vet our audience doing some great work wityour foundation. Vincent Ruiz and we have will price and, Vincent, you left the army in 2014 and sayhe foundation helped ingratiate back into being a sievian. How . Part of my transformation deployed twice T Iraq and ghanistannd fond memories of those experiences but hado ask myset doest mean to be a ran, how will I serve my community anwhat is my next ssion so after meeting folks from thendation in 2015, we talked Abo things like integrity, responsibility, courage andow do we D those things and do Tse things every me we engage in the community. Ize our gold starilies anhighlight what is character anwhat does it look like and Hodo we share thod? S concepts. L price you, you lost dear friendn Afghanistan and now you're carrying out acts of service inis Na. Uh-huh. My S leader was Kil in Afghanistan, through hisamily I linked up with the tra Manion foundation and gone on O expedition, my latest to Colorado aent with a group of underserved uth, taught them about ccter and their character strengths and also corporate Lutz's cracter strengths and pla 500 sags on a llside that was burned out. Vincent and will, thank you for your service. Thank you. We certa appreciate rn as well you being here and all the servicemen and women here and a ho, thank you for all do. Thank you for watching on this memorial day. See you all tomorr. .

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Representatives from the Travis Manion Foundation open up about the organizations' work to empower vets and their families on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55483691","title":"How a group is empowering vets and their families","url":"/GMA/Living/video/group-empowering-vets-families-55483691"}