Miranda Lambert wants to share this dog's story for a special reason

Her foundation, MuttNation Foundation, was started to shine a light on pets like Jud.
4:28 | 06/10/21

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Transcript for Miranda Lambert wants to share this dog's story for a special reason
Hi I'm railing Britain's reference there. Witnesses said. I would if they had to come and tell the story of mild illness he dog. It seemed that he they have the end and most likely because he was blind and ask. Humans born that way. Dogs with special needs learn how to live differently. I just makes a life. Her and more fun when he's around because he was born this way. So he doesn't know any different he doesn't know what it's like house right over here so Keating does not live life from a victim. You know and dom perspective teach us how to spot with a life. He seems so appreciated ever been rescued and he loves being in return. When he's out here are her out on the field or something I thought it would be hard to track and the owner didn't accidentally. Because his sense of security it is to be close and touch and knowing where his people are he never wanders far. When he's in the back of my car just the bad rap and you know. You know and you. And our youth worker. I have been like really got for a right she has she's she's ready to. Those fattening just me go to Oklahoma some people sound and just walking down. I mean really didn't count. To be a dog Mickey. People are interested in because of the special means. It was for me even the 21 to just under houses aren't any around and fell in love it and I was working a lot still isn't home very. Didn't think I could have a dog you can literally and one yeah. Human in my house in like ten minutes. This the Smart. I started thinking a little falling in love and stopping and he won't be as hard to get used to you. I remember sitting in that light and in the evenings or weekend on the floor. He just came up beside mainly down and residents and in my lap. And that was the end of it Aaron he's Smart and he is very lovable cuddly. Tell any of his decision made changes were holding him back. He didn't like the way underdogs went to you I have. I was able to adopt him in he's been the biggest story ever sends a clear classic Foster sale yeah. And lavender Allan Dodd some for the last eight years and that's. But I feel together he's pretty much knows what's going on he knows where you are at all times and act. If you and then their public probably at the farm he finds Ginny you know he yet. Working with her and has been a lot of fun. She's just a normal girls he has an incredible personality. It's also fun because we both etc. are for dogs and so I guess what character did fox part of the Pashtun. Nothing neutral on that we. Really into it. Serving as the job of venues that that's okay. I've ever happening to my dogs. That is no does that provide that you know farther innings out of all our dogs and does just. Just fine Mike is one of the one of the gang so. Actually I have three dogs in and UB CS one of the free. I mean I think it also is so encouraging that definitely affect the heart thickens and someone that hit here today. He doesn't let the let.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"Her foundation, MuttNation Foundation, was started to shine a light on pets like Jud.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78186357","title":"Miranda Lambert wants to share this dog's story for a special reason","url":"/GMA/Living/video/miranda-lambert-share-dogs-story-special-reason-78186357"}