How public school teachers are crowdfunding for supplies and projects

The nonprofit website Donors Choose has funneled more than $730 million to public schools.
4:30 | 09/06/18

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Transcript for How public school teachers are crowdfunding for supplies and projects
Plause ] Ackere on "Gma, "Gma" for D er but Thi morning also stands for giviall. We're teaming U with donor oo for ae event tomorrow trying to as many classrooms as possibleoss the count you've been with them be T.J. Hoes. I lov thisrganization and, lk, listen ther a teaer right now in Florence, soucarolina,hos asking for tables for her classroo why? The ones she has nowre sold they've broken, creat sharp edges.tudents have cut their legs and she had to duct te the table. That's O thousands of projtsted on this donooose. We're launching it now and we'regoing toive you an opportunityow many we get pen. Field trips. Rorter: All of these classroom dreome true were madesible by don choose. A Crowin W teachers post their classroom projects then anyon can ce T donate to projects tt will help teachers better serve their students. Stard by a you HOL story teaer donors choose has grown into aenerous ant. Thamillion to public Schoo across the country since 2000. Of ts funding not am procts but basics. It'sf the procts on our site ba pencry, art supplie for an a and another half are dreams. Toetudents to Washington, C. Do an incredible science riment. A robot.eporter: O of their success storiesjane Jo's classes in Harlem I've had 130 projects funded,over $82,000 worth ofesources that go directly to the hds of these opportunities. Over the try. We've all gottenations from 37e 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii. And one $15 Australia. R more than three-quarters oer studies co from low income hoeholds. Where would you be without that? On't tnk the kids would havech ful potential. They're hungry to they'reager to Lear I want to instill them that ability to Perre a not quit. Reporter: Her message is hiinhome. Stents in her ap statistics and cs class have a perfect graduation rate on to be engineer, teachers her students, many E difficultdds a voted. Strangersin O ofheir up your eye like how much people really care aboyou. He fac that they don't even know usnd there donating Y to see ussucceed, I th was really generous. Thank you foresting I. Ipiration for . Pe in this room. When we come here, we know that anything possible. And, guys, som of her students have actual gone and come back and to classroom. It'sl that -- motivates kid. But toanger has vested in you is a nic motictor. There a so many classrooms, many schools need. So how does donors ce go about selecting. Actually --S is great, they vet the proje so they haverojectsp now. They vet them and make sure th're all legit, 80% publi schools this country have had anhisite at some INT. They vet it, the money once the ts ended, the money they don't write to the classrm, insteadons choose buys tver products and go direct thelassroom soou can pick classroom. Walk us through it can work. It is fantastic. Youned all of U to this Erybody at home, go to the website, donors choose or go to "Good morng America" and you go there, you can put in Yo hometown, your state, somewhere yowant to hel out and see projects specifically city that state or whatever you want to erever youight LE E exactly what youroney goes directly to it and send ahank you note after your stuff S Itten notes from the kids too. It is fantastic? Noargeamount. A llar. You can do a doll difference. Thank you, T.J. Ou it. You got . E choose you and tomorrow

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"The nonprofit website Donors Choose has funneled more than $730 million to public schools.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57642965","title":"How public school teachers are crowdfunding for supplies and projects","url":"/GMA/Living/video/public-school-teachers-crowdfunding-supplies-projects-57642965"}