Uber expands into rental cars

The ride-sharing service announced it will initiate a car-sharing service on the app for users to allow others to borrow their vehicles.
2:41 | 04/12/18

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Transcript for Uber expands into rental cars
'S big expansion launching into the rental car business. The -sng company announcing it will initiate a car-sharing service the app and t.j.holmes us how it work. Would Y lete borrow your car, N. Au know you. Yes. Hat about a stranger. No. If theaid fort. That was quick. If you got paid the hour. You could make Mo for a car sitting. 'S WRE talking about. This isr rent powered by getaround so they're trying this in San Francisco but essentially what we're talking about here, th simplest way to it airbnb for cars allowing a perfect strange story rent your car by the ho ey pay you aee and bring back to the same spot andould expand it to the 60 plus million ers they have. How much money are we talking here. A basic car, a N ca decent car, anrem 7, 8, 9 bucks an hour is what it's going Ost you. A nice ride then, yes, it's going to cost you maybe up to $50 an hr but the cost is not that prohibitive. For your gas and parking garage and -- George, look, George is not having it. The O gets $7 an ho. He owner collects that cash. Yes. Let me show you more how this works so we do have it set up. Youeo explain insurance as we 'll get to that. But we have you see the app here, Ave a car -- I've identified a rented a car outside F perfect stranger. All right now, I'll walk out. You see where it has that purple do that's my ride which listing right outside of our studio here tss. W, all I have to do is click th unlock button a that's L need and the car that I need uks fore right ide. I get in and I doff. Now, I know you gre talking, how do I K a perfect stranger from driving offith car. They check out the driversnd do extensive background checks and ha sf drivers but lojacked. Eyandisable your vehicle and no one can continue driving with also, rance, you know are concerned about -- getaround and Uber offerir insurance. Your insuranas nothing T do with it, they say ande a millionlar policy on car, anythingappens small or lou areovered through the getaroundapp. I just goto believe all that wear andtear, a that paint is going to cost youore than $7 an hour. Number of hours. They can't jusear it out. All ri bring us back something. Where you going?whougoing? For some people this woulda great service. . If you cubsidizer carownership, how a that. Well, none of us are giving our

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"The ride-sharing service announced it will initiate a car-sharing service on the app for users to allow others to borrow their vehicles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54413936","title":"Uber expands into rental cars","url":"/GMA/Living/video/uber-expands-rental-cars-54413936"}