Anita Hill speaks out on Kavanaugh sexual assault allegation

The Brandeis University professor, who accused Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment, reacts to Christine Blasey Ford's decision to demand an FBI investigation before she testifies.
7:26 | 09/19/18

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Transcript for Anita Hill speaks out on Kavanaugh sexual assault allegation
We're joined by the woman in the middle of thos hearings, Dr. Anita hi nversity professor at bris. Or joining us. I T O with what we learnero dr.lasey Ford's attorneys. They want an F investigaon re she stifies. Is that the right move shouldhe honor her est? Absolutely, it's the right ve.hearing questions need T a frame and T instigation is the best frame ral stigation. That can pull together the fa create a Rd, sohat the senatorsraw on the they receive T devep their question. Would benging expert testimo orxperts who can help themha the questions that they're going to all O this I really -- thing THA I don't think can be aed ifou really want to get to the trust You S that -- is Iuess thatet the questi B indications thatrequest thaty will HOL tg withouter schedule a vote. Ou Bel Dr. Blasey Ford has a duty testi publicly even if the conditions are not ideal? Ideal. We're talking about whether the conditions are actually able, whether not it G to be anything that a sham ding so tt the senators can say we G herhance to talk and Ono D exactly what they were intending too before she camerward. Yknow, your hearings that quicken consent to a hea actuallyuical. Yo your book, I beeve the repubca voted to holdhe hearing did so becausey felt ttdea of public hearing would be S threening that I would withaw my comaint orhat even if appearhey would be able to destr is that what's aty he? Seems to be what's at play. It occur me that two things,ther they don't take this serisl that they don't -- ab this as many americansand/or that they just want to get it over M not sure which is in play. Ybe they'r N concerned maybe they just don't know how E this of a situation. But anyone who has bee involved harassmt or sexual assault a being charged here knowshat these ke time T so, six day is for E senators who probably know itutse kind chais. Why it's important H an ination. It's important for them then to call experts and move forward there no reason for rush this and push this with a six-daye frame. One things you're Aring -- The other thing I Thi the Senato are missing, just G ahead. Because we'king about as becse this will change the trajef both of T's area changed Dr. Blasey's life. She's been threaned and has had to move her family into heidi buthe aricanreally expecting something re the American public wants to know about happened they want tohat T sees this serious anorward on this at this pace withhi kd of sort of black hole of pross reany of us, W a really under then that the senate doesn't take this seriously and doesn't seehis art their core onsibility to the confirtion price, to court and to the American public. One of the tngs you're hearing from seats and some judge Kavanaugh's allies is way to G the bottom of this was years a tt Dr. Blasey Ford doesn't know what days and may have been a ofmistakenidentity. That is not F a layperson to determinhy he Igo experienced in T situations. And whavice D you have? Perhaps no one in T country is in a better position to give Dr. Blasey Ford advice than Yo at you her? My adce, Dr. Nder attorney are working together. She has seasoned aneynd she should herdvfrom her atty. Mydvice right now and my expeen is mor directed to the a to the senate judiciary committee in paic and mys to push the pause button onhis experts input together hear that is fair, that is N biased by politics O myth and brings informati he American public final queson you've ears en of persuasion here. Att mean tly? Well that that we are about an appointmentor a lifeti on ts nation's affect Americans, probably for decas, given the Val of prit is an hornd a pvilege beominated andsee. S not an eit and S a person coming into position on T supreme court folifetime really has on O the public. We nd to bible to believe the ingrity of our co, that means believing in the ingrity ohe individls who are on it Dr. Hill,nk you for your time this morn

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{"duration":"7:26","description":"The Brandeis University professor, who accused Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment, reacts to Christine Blasey Ford's decision to demand an FBI investigation before she testifies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57928639","title":"Anita Hill speaks out on Kavanaugh sexual assault allegation","url":"/GMA/News/video/anita-hill-speaks-kavanaugh-sexual-assault-allegation-57928639"}