Brooklyn truck driver wins lottery jackpot

David Johnson won the $298 million Powerball jackpot.
1:41 | 01/26/19

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Transcript for Brooklyn truck driver wins lottery jackpot
stars. He's the second largest jackpot winner in New York history. Over $298 million. Ooh-wee! This is the sound of a man who's just been handed a check for $298 million. I'm rich. I'm rich. I ain't going to go to work no more. Reporter: Dave Johnson just came forward to claim his prize this month. It was the day after Christmas when the Brooklyn truck driver says he did what he always does. Same gas station every morning. I got $5 in my pocket, I take it out, I say, let me get one Powerball, one lotto and I say something, man, just kill the $5 and give me a mega. Reporter: The next day the winning numbers were announced but Johnson called out sick. He still hadn't checked the ticket when he went back to work. I go by the gas station and stop there first and check my ticket and look at the board, and I'm like, oh, my god. Reporter: He says he plans to invest most of the cash but is going to treat himself too. Always wanted a Porsche. What color? A red one. So everybody can see me when I'm driving on the street. Reporter: And as for those early morning truck routes. Oh, I quit, right away, no delay. He already quit. Okay, so he opted to take the single lump sum of about $180 million which totals $114 million after tacks. He kept it in the pocket of an old jacket for nearly a week because he figured if somebody broke into his house, they would never look there. It was that gnarly of a jacket. Members only. That's awesome. He says he's going to get a bigger house but will stay in Brooklyn. We'll look for the red Porsche. Reaction from him, the

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{"duration":"1:41","description":"David Johnson won the $298 million Powerball jackpot. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60642765","title":"Brooklyn truck driver wins lottery jackpot","url":"/GMA/News/video/brooklyn-truck-driver-wins-lottery-jackpot-60642765"}