Bystander rescues baby from hot car

Jessica Kaiser saw what she realized was a real baby in the backseat of a car in Volusia County, Florida, and called 911.
2:01 | 07/20/18

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Transcript for Bystander rescues baby from hot car
Olys caught off car dgers after another deadly accident. An investigation is undayn Houston, a 3-year-oldiedt behind on a bus during a day trip and inflorida, a scary cloal that was caught on camera. ABC's erielleeshef isere with that story.od morning, erielle. Reporter: Good morning to you, robin. The stories oft end in tragt thanks to a quick-thinking bystander that baby I safend sound. You're watching a Florida deputy's body camera responding a call policeay could have beendly if not for this woman in they N shirt. That's Jessica Kaiser, T heriff say she called police after spot theab Al alone in his car seat in the ba of this B ultima. It was a scorchi 93 degrees outside. She ophe unlocked door and stayedith8-month-old until help rived. Kaiser was there when finally returned. 24 mines later. Is he okay? He's ok. He's fine. Thebaby's Mr 33-year-old Megan burgess breaks down. Yes, he's okay. I know. You're welcome. I work in the emerge department. I'm a nurse and like I hear thesries and I have four happen. Reporter: Children's bs N H up much faster than adults. And their final oeringens begin to shut down aft their core body temperature reaches 104 degrees. On the days W rescued the heat index clo to 103 degrees. Woman, had Jessica kaiserot come out and been observt like THA we would have been discng a tragedy ofn h-old child. Ressica aero in that case and the mother of THA byrida was arrested and ged withhild neglect. Your vehicle before youeave it. Even put your purse,ourwallet, youone, sometng at will remind you a child is in tbackseat Y. All right, yeah, we keep Aring it can happen to anyone andt story is proof. Thank you, erielle.

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{"duration":"2:01","description":"Jessica Kaiser saw what she realized was a real baby in the backseat of a car in Volusia County, Florida, and called 911.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56707134","title":"Bystander rescues baby from hot car","url":"/GMA/News/video/bystander-rescues-baby-hot-car-56707134"}