Controversy over pop-up testing site collecting samples

A confrontation in Louisville, Kentucky, was caught on camera when residents challenged the legitimacy of a lab testing site that popped up in a gas station parking lot.
3:19 | 04/09/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Controversy over pop-up testing site collecting samples
We're going to turn to a confrontation caught on camera at a pop-up covid-19 testing site in Kentucky. It's raising questions about the legitimacy of these sites. The FBI is now taking a look and our chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has the story. Hello. Where you from. Reporter: In this intense confrontation caught on camera angry residents are challenging the legitimacy of this lab testing site that popped up near a gas station parking lot. Despite the white tents and personnel appearing in hazmat gear community activists were aggressively skeptical. It's h-I-p-p-a. Where are they being sent? A genetics lab. We're doing things the right way. We don't have anything to hide. Reporter: The Louisville council president not buying it. What are y'all doing? Are you trying to rip people off? Charging $240 for some stuff. Reporter: Not wanting any trouble they decide to pull up stakes and as they leave, the councilman ripping down their signs. Welcome to Kentucky, baby. That's how we do it. Reporter: Louisville's mayor and the health department officials claim the chicago-based company collecting those samples, community outreach marketing and a second company showed up out of nowhere never notifying them they would be conducting tests in the community. The fact that our health departments and our hospitals weren't aware initially of these two testing sites was very troubling to us. Reporter: In response, the mayor signed an emergency order requiring any pop-up testing site to receive health department approval first before collecting samples. A law enforcement source telling ABC news the FBI's monitoring the situation and Kentucky's chief law enforcement officer says he's investigating. Also concerned about the way the tests were allegedly conducted and possible contamination. They were swabbing one cheek and then using the same gloves to swab another cheek, so there were a lot of concerns that were very evident that something was not right. Reporter: ABC news contacted the CEO of community outreach marketing. It turns out he also runs an auto body outfit in Illinois. He declined to comment other than suggesting that his company did nothing wrong and that his good name was being sullied. His attorney says his client has been involved in health care marketing for many years conducting tests often at health fairs. The attorney flatly rejected claims by city officials saying his client did inform the city and state about the testing and that any suggestion that nurses did not properly collect samples or failed to change gloves between patients is, quote, simply wrong. The marketing company was essentially run out of town which the attorney says was unfair because they were simply trying to help in this national emergency. So, George, this is clearly a confusing situation. Another symbol of covid-19 stress. It's unclear if any laws were broken but one tip for patients check with your local health department before using any pop-up testing site. George. Yeah, that is essential. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"A confrontation in Louisville, Kentucky, was caught on camera when residents challenged the legitimacy of a lab testing site that popped up in a gas station parking lot.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70060991","title":"Controversy over pop-up testing site collecting samples","url":"/GMA/News/video/controversy-pop-testing-site-collecting-samples-70060991"}