Dangerous storms wreak havoc on southern states

Heavy rains pound the South and heads up the East Coast.
2:34 | 07/22/18

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Transcript for Dangerous storms wreak havoc on southern states
With a severe weather heavy rain that. Strong winds hitting the East Coast causing flash flooding. And there's more on the way indeed and this is actually part of the same storm system that has left a path of destruction. In the midwest and in the south where dozens of reported tornadoes have cause serious damage let's get it over to rob who's tracking it all rob good morning. You give my guess somebody differing Grady is coming together for an unusual draw law I set up right now it's hitting the northeast with even some strong storms. Getting into eastern Long Island and a New England this is brought severe weather through. Out much of the southwest and the southeast in this central US and there's going to be a stock weather pattern for next week as if this week. Was in an off for much of the country. We'll from. This morning storms wreaking Havoc from the deep south to the northeast. Heavy rains flooding roads and this confirmed tornado when a 36 reported in just five days. As storm sirens blare that funnel cloud ominously circling above eventually touching down here. In Lee County Alabama interrupting this picture perfect country wedding. And threatening the areas almost 30000 residents. On the eastern seaboard the storms quickly rolling in. Just outside Washington DC emergency crews rushing to save four passengers in this swamped car. The driver trying to cross a flooded road before getting trapped. This morning's wetter just the latest in a string of severe storms raging across the country this week. It's video capturing the moment lightning struck a 22 year old woman at a Wisconsin music festival minutes later UC bystanders discovering her own conscious. Her phone has completely like Saturn and she is just laying on her hair on her stomach completely honest bonds and. The woman now recovering. So scary so dangerous and so much of more to come as far as. A thunder and lightning did you see the rotation around everything right there the center of the upper low which isn't going anywhere is right over the Ohio River valley and when it's been reading has been reigning Hart parts of Maryland got seven inches of rain last night DC got as well Northern Virginia. These are all areas that are susceptible to flooding. And the plume of moisture is going to be going back and forth here over the next couple of days so where again it rains gonna rain heavily. And you can see this atmospheric rivers going to be ongoing really at least through Tuesday and it will continue to be human with these pop up showers and thunderstorms probably right through. Thursday so this will be ongoing for much of the week all of Wachovia emitted is rabble check everything just element thank you.

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{"id":56741838,"title":"Dangerous storms wreak havoc on southern states","duration":"2:34","description":"Heavy rains pound the South and heads up the East Coast.","url":"/GMA/News/video/dangerous-storms-wreak-havoc-southern-states-56741838","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}