Downpours trigger flash flooding across the US

Torrential rainfall has shut down highways because of muddy waters in Colorado and prompted flood water rescues in New Mexico.
2:11 | 07/24/18

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Transcript for Downpours trigger flash flooding across the US
Robi All T, George, now to that dro coast to coast. Torrential downpos triggering flash flooding across the counlecenes lik this in Colorado rushing water complete overtaking roads. Ginger is trackingt all us. Good morning, ginger. Goorning. It oy takes one to three inches I ps lik Colorado on the front range W you get that muddy water rushing down the street. Now, in Pennsylvania and oer spots along the east coast we have saturated the soil. Marynd, the is a place that has had a foo O R and so much more on the way. Wat out, man. Reporter: A waller shutting down highway 24 west Colorado Springs. Raging mudaters sweeping through the tree of manitou rings. To three inches falling and thing downhe mountainside. Flooers carry away this table and chairs O a restaura hail attacks this windshield, piles up along the road. Hail, two feet deep. Sounded a million marbles on the roof. Rter: In STA may,ew Mexico. Santa fe is note for this kind of flooding. Reporter: Watch ascu crews use a rope to save peopl stuck in this R. Justsi nations catal a 60-fooree fall that this home in fairf county, Virginia, killing a womaninside. With a the rainnd the couple of day, things O that nature, the roots of these ee loosened up. Repr:f Pennsylvania swamped too. Te rising on porchteps submerging cars. Thflooding E plaguing the famous Hershey park forcing the amusement park tloseor the day. Anhing we up with ash flood watchesm Charlotte, North Carolina, to binghaon, New York. If you wake up and look your phone and it says flash Flo out in your ca this the wording is the last couplef days fm the weather service. I want to look at the flooding possible and we highlighted this area just because of any of the urban streetsand, of cour,ll of the little creekat can , U can see five plus inches in some O these SP guys. Will be wet 4 hours. It will be.k Yo We want to turn to new

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"Torrential rainfall has shut down highways because of muddy waters in Colorado and prompted flood water rescues in New Mexico.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56775434","title":"Downpours trigger flash flooding across the US ","url":"/GMA/News/video/downpours-trigger-flash-flooding-us-56775434"}