Dramatic rescues underway amid Florence damage

Rescue teams from as far as Los Angeles are pulling drivers from submerged cars and racing to save people cut off from rising waters in the Carolinas.
2:57 | 09/17/18

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Transcript for Dramatic rescues underway amid Florence damage
We had to go all the way to Savannah. Let's go Amy still on the ground there in north calina. Yove seen T rescuesst hand as the effort keep peoplesafe asy can. ING, Amy. Orter: That's right, robin. Certainly an unak so man towns underwater. The city ofton has essentially B it I possible toet in or out of the city. Floodwaters have sown the the airport,n theport the only way we gotout, a you're looking at it rht behind me coast guardhelicopt. 17 have deplod hundreds stillpped by those rising Ourth day oflorence's the unrelented task of scuing the Strande is more crucial than ever. Rescue teams from as far as los Angeles pulling drivers from submerged as helopters go. Joi the rescue team sng out. With so manyoded skpim theseoa guard helicopters beco a lifelin fo people who haveed emergencies in the storm zone. Is woman telling me she is offering fr as couldn't leave her flooded home. Another despely in nee ofoxygen. Animals too to safety. Police D risingwa theirramatic rescue caught on camera with little T to spare. Overnight, officials Bel ose floodwaters are tome for this tracks. Over two feet of rain ha fan D no relief in hat's enough to cause fln areas that have neveroded before. Fldwatersre still raging across parts our state, and risk to life ISIS with the angry waters. Repor W Y, failing, spilling millions ofg I streets homes. Homeoweturning to assess the catophic damage to their property. Just getting over the damage imposed by hurricane Matthew two years ago. M famhad been H'60s. Never seen sort of flooding ke this unl Floyd. We thought that's 50 floor how you plan for that? Reporter: Bovernment officials this morning saying the worst is yet to come. If you are refusing T L, life is very, very Reporter: These U.S. Coast guard Chopp units hav rescued 193 people, and 91 pets. Theyre going to be very over the nexteveraldays. All right, Amy. Thanks so much. Cecilia? Now to new details about those mysterious glosions

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Rescue teams from as far as Los Angeles are pulling drivers from submerged cars and racing to save people cut off from rising waters in the Carolinas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57874671","title":"Dramatic rescues underway amid Florence damage","url":"/GMA/News/video/dramatic-rescues-underway-amid-florence-damage-57874671"}