Facebook launches new dating service

Facebook Dating even features a "secret crush" feature to let friends know you may want to be more than friends with them.
3:10 | 09/06/19

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Transcript for Facebook launches new dating service
I know I love it. Thank you. We go to our "Gma" cover story, an exclusive look at the new Facebook dating feature that can turn likes into love. Becky Worley, the perfect person would has all the details for us. Heart right back at you, Michael. Facebook dating, the social media network says it has 00 million people who list themselves as single so whether it's getting millennials to use Facebook more or getting divorced moms back into the dating scene, this could be big. Tinder, bumble, match and now -- I'm really excited to announce that today Facebook dating comes to the U.S. Reporter: It's a new feature. To opt in create a separate dating profile and the company matches you with people outside your friend group. We won't match you with your uncle or aunt. Reporter: If someone likes you, you're alerted. No games and free. Reporter: It's based on shared interests, groups, even events you attend. Does any of this show up in my Facebook feed? No, everything you do in Facebook dating stays there. Reporter: But if you are too shy the secret crush feature lets you designate them as a crush then see if there is a match. Natalie who once worked for Facebook is interested. It's almost like you have nothing to lose. Might as well put yourself out there as much as you can. Reporter: She created a profile and the Instagram integration is a plus. But she does have questions. I do have a concern that they -- that Facebook will use this to sell information to advertisers because this is a new set of data for them. Reporter: Privacy issues have dogged Facebook in recent years. Consumer data will absolutely not be given to advertisers or third party companies and the data you share within Facebook dating will not be used to target advertising. Facebook dating was built with privacy at the core. You have to be 18 to use this dating service. How they check your age, I don't know but Facebook says it implemented safety feature, no photos or money can be exchanged through the missaging section and if you opt to go out and date can you alert a trusted friend and check in with them later to mark yourself as What kind of dating are they doing if money is being exchanged? Sara, that question is for "Pop news." But you heard her say in that piece privacy is at the core and did reporting about some of the privacy cores. Cambridge analytica with Facebook. Do you think they can be trusted? That is the million dollar question. I mean I pressed them hard and said before any lines of code were written they considered privacy. No information will be shared with advertisers or third parties but with the company this big, that's not known for transparency, dating them, it's a personal question you're going to have to ask yourself. It really is. All right.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"Facebook Dating even features a \"secret crush\" feature to let friends know you may want to be more than friends with them. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65426322","title":"Facebook launches new dating service","url":"/GMA/News/video/facebook-launches-dating-service-65426322"}