Facebook suspends British-based data company used by Trump campaign

Cambridge Analytica is under investigation by Facebook after allegations it mishandled data of more than 50 million users.
5:03 | 03/18/18

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Transcript for Facebook suspends British-based data company used by Trump campaign
We do have another headline. Facebook has suspended a British company a data company used by team trump during the 2016 campaign. After the company call the Cambridge analytica breached profiles of tens of thousands users without their permission. Kenneth Moton has more. Reporter: They are defending itself. The data analysis firm tied to the 2016 campaign is under investigation accused of mishandling information about more than 50 million users. The London based company which uses data to build psychological profiles and influence voters was hired by many Steve Bannon during the election. But a new reportfrom "The new York Times" suggests some of the data the company uses to create its profiles was provided to them against Facebook many guidelines. Cambridge analytica saying it deleted all of the data after it realized it was improperly passed 0en about I a third party. The firm says it never even used the information for its client, the trump campaign. Now, the campaign also denies using the firm's data saying instead that it relied on information from the Republican national committee saying, quote, any claims that voter data were used from another source to support the victory in 2016 are false. But 50 million is a big number so Facebook appears to take it pretty seriously. In fact, Facebook is now saying they've temporarily suspended the company from posting any ads. What can you tell us about that? Reporter: That's right. It received reports that not all of the improperly handled data was deleted so Cambridge analytica has been suspended and blocked from posting Facebook ads during this investigation. The social media giant called the allegations a, quote, unacceptable violation of trust and is threatening legal action for any unlawful behavior. Dan and Paula. All right, Kenneth, thank you for your reporting. As we said our chief anchor George Stephanopoulos is standing by hosting "This week" a little later. Good morning to you. So let's start out with Andrew Mccabe, the former deputy FBI director. He appears to be an important cog. Is he not tainted by recent revelations, we learned his senior adviser who was investigating trump was sending anti-Trump messages, also the fact that the FBI's own office of professional responsibility recommended his firing. You're mixing up a lot of different things. Two big strikes against Andrew Mccabe. Number one the inspector general faulted him for lack of candor and the firing was recommended by veteran FBI officials set against the backdrof of a process politicized by the president calling for several months for him to be fired interfering in an fbiprocess which is highly unusual. Those messages are actually private text messages which probably should have never been leaked in the first place and also anti-clinton and anti-politician messages wrapped up in that as well. That's separate from Andrew Mccabe. But he is a key witness here in the entire Mueller investigation. We now know he's turned over notes to Mueller. He has potentially information that could back up James Comey's stories about the firing of James Comey, the potential firing and interference with Michael Flynn so he is a key witness and you have to ask the question is president trump trying to taint him as a witness in the Mueller investigation. Well, he does have some powerful allies as we reported earlier, John Brennan had some extraordinarily strong words after the firing of Mccabe. We can put up his tweet. When the full extent and this is him speaking to the president. When the full extent of moral turpitude and political corruption be known you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. Does he have inside information. None of us can get inside Brennan's head. He was the CIA director. He obviously knew a lot about Russian interference in our elections. What he may or may not know about president trump's involvement in that, I don't know the answer to that. Those are incredibly strong words from a former CIA director right there. This situation to be clear, not Normal to be having this kind of sniping. Nothing about this is Normal at all and now for the president to be suggesting and his lawyer suggest that Robert Mueller's investigation should be shut down, that is going to be a ten-alarm fire if that happens. You've seen senior Republicans warn if president trump tries to shut down this investigation they will move to protect Mueller. That would be a red line. They don't think it should be crossed. Is the president going to go there or more bluster? We don't know the answer but that is a huge red line. Thank you very much. And reminder George has a big show with much more on the fallout over Mccabe's firing and latest on the Mueller investigation and go one-on-one with these two gentlemen intelligence committee member, senator James Lankford and congressman many Adam Schiff. Plows the roundtable debates what the Pennsylvania win means. That's coming up on "This week" on ABC with George. Thanks again. We do want to move on from bricks to the breaks news in the case of the missing Pennsylvania teenager found in Mexico this

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{"id":53831885,"title":"Facebook suspends British-based data company used by Trump campaign","duration":"5:03","description":"Cambridge Analytica is under investigation by Facebook after allegations it mishandled data of more than 50 million users.","url":"/GMA/News/video/facebook-suspends-british-based-data-company-trump-campaign-53831885","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}