FDA to announce 'tough' new rules for drug makers, report says

According to a report by the Washington Post, the FDA requirements could include that the drug companies monitor vaccine volunteers for two months after they get a second dose.
6:57 | 09/23/20

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Transcript for FDA to announce 'tough' new rules for drug makers, report says
The sad milestone in the corona virus crisis more than 200000 Americans have now died of Covert nineteen the highest death total of any nation in the world. A pulled into the entire population of Salt Lake City, Utah. It was a moment of silence on the floor of the house and there you see a breathtaking tribute to the lives lost. 20000 American flags at the base the Washington. Four top health officials including the head to the CDC the FDA and doctor Anthony Trout she will testify before the senate today. And in just a moment we will speak with the US surgeon general as well but let's go right to feed both of Sami. Outside the CDC with the latest on the rates for the vaccine good morning Steve. Good morning to you Wallace safe and effective vaccine would of course help everyone and the president is hoping to have one ready. By Election Day but that is now six weeks away. The chances of getting a safe and effective Covert vaccine by the November election. Are sinking fast this morning with a new report from the Washington Post the paper is reporting that the FDA is ready to announce quote top. And rigorous new rules for the various drug makers including a requirement that the drug companies monitor volunteers who are testing these new drugs. For about two months after they get their second dose of the potential vaccine the FDA this morning isn't confirming the report the tells ABC news it previously noted that it intends to issue additional guidance shortly they need to hurry. Johnson & Johnson is announcing that they've started accepting volunteers for the last stage of testing for their potential vaccine. Four other drug makers are also in the final stretch. Already health authorities report that more than 200000. Americans have died from cope in nineteen a tall. And tragic number that the country hurtled on Tuesday on this same day friends and family remembered the life native American lawmaker Angelo McCarthy in Oklahoma who was killed by the corona virus. I am about I would people. And CM Ruger and their grieving and Spartanburg, South Carolina to. 44 year old Michael Horton was a retired deputy sergeant who died this weekend after fighting the corona virus for weeks in an area hospital. It was my best and we shared. Should we shared it. The president had little to say to reporters who asked about the tragic milestone. Anybody else. Later at a crowded rally he talked about the former vice president wearing a mask he's like a hundred yards from the nearest human being got a he feels good about the mascot wonder ended today. They'll be him and I the stage is to get awoken with a mask. Public health experts underlined that the United States has only 4% of the world's population. But more than 20% of the deaths from Kobe nineteen former vice president Joseph Biden sees this is a losing issue for the president. And says the president was wrong to say that the corona virus has hurt quote. Virtually nobody. This fire spares no. Maybe Donald Trump sees these people it's nobody's I don't. We lost 200000. Moms and dads sons and daughters friends and coworkers not a single one of them was a nobody. Medical professionals here are worried about something that. They're calling a twin damage the large number of Kobe nineteen cases and flu cases. Hitting at the same time. George. Okay Steve thanks for makes us talk to America's top medical professional right now the US surgeon general doctor drama Adams starter and thanks for joining us again this morning. More than 200000. Deaths cases rising in more than half our State's positive and he rates. Are going up as surgeon general United States can you say that we have done and are doing everything we can. To get this virus under control. Well good morning George thank you for having me and thank you to pop from a body tried in Maine for giving me that mass. Every death that occurred in this country that's preventable if a tragedy and I want you to know that the public health officials here in DC are in fact doing. Everything that we can to get the message out that the power to stop this buyers red light in our hands. Wearing masks washing your hands watching your distance what I call the three w.s but it's all comes up it's important no there's one more thing that we can do. And that's get our flu shot 40000 people died lash here. From the flu and we don't want this double whammy of blue on top of Kobe. We want people to understand that if you're pregnant that if you're older you can decrease your risk of hospitalization by 40%. If you get your flu shot and you can prevent health care workers having two having to be overwhelmed simply by doing. Something that it's been around for decades get your flu backseat. Important reminder right there and even so visual about wearing mess you war winds are coming on the air right now you urge others to do it all the time so how do you square that. But the president's Rodney Leisle signed between got that photo packed packed rally sent many people in the crowd not wearing masks he made light. Vice President Biden wearing a mask how do you square that with your message. Well I I appreciate the question George and am literally standing here in Washington DC. Looking at the capitol with the Supreme Court behind me. I've got Democrats who want me to condemn people who are out of the presidential rally at that Republicans who want me. To condemn people who are going to vigils and at the end of the day that buyers doesn't care about your politics that doesn't care what you're going out for. It only cared whether or not you're following public health measures so what I would say to everyone. Politics aside Wear a mask. If you can't stay more than six feet from other people watcher distance and make sure you're watching your hands as frequently as you can because the way we all. Come out of this is by doing our part. I see reported the FDA is planning to issue new guidelines for emergency use of the vaccine. Can explain why this is imported and and how do you what do you make of the fact that so many Americans now so many more Americans are saying they're afraid to take the vaccine they won't do it. Well again I think it's become politicized. And it's important to people understand we have a process. We have a data safety monitoring board we have institution in institutional review board we have independent people. We're gonna look at safety and efficacy before it ever gets to the point of approval or authorization. And I will be in line to get that back theme when they tell me I can and when it's safe. And it's effective but again we have a back seeing right now and I hope this is an opportunity for people have a conversation. About the safety and efficacy of vaccines for the port them afloat. Get your flu vaccination talk to your doctor about the process. Become comfortable with it because what would be a shame that we actually have a vaccine is safe and effective for Kobe and we don't use it to stop this pandemic. And what would be a shame that we have another 40000 people die this year unnecessarily because of the flu. Doctor Adams thanks for times when. Thank you George.

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{"duration":"6:57","description":"According to a report by the Washington Post, the FDA requirements could include that the drug companies monitor vaccine volunteers for two months after they get a second dose.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73186319","title":"FDA to announce 'tough' new rules for drug makers, report says","url":"/GMA/News/video/fda-announce-tough-rules-drug-makers-report-73186319"}