FEMA administrator discusses latest on Hurricane Florence

Brock Long talks to "GMA" about the federal response, preparations and resources in place as the Category 1 storm makes landfall.
4:39 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for FEMA administrator discusses latest on Hurricane Florence
That is a live look a Wilmington, North Carolina, getting hit so hard right now. Florence, hurricane Florence has made landfall not there Brock long, aboutrgency forts undewaight now.reoined N by the director ma, B long, thanks for going us. I know you've been worngayan night. What's you bgest concern. Fres doing exactly a the forecast told us. We're seeing storm surge and Nghe O rise nine feet and battering winds coming. The power is goingout. I am mostly concerned about the pe that LIV I the bay and inlaas that did not heedrnings. Ther surge Flo and I understand high tide will H latertoday. That will onlyncrease amount of fig that currentlyei hotisfied we withow many D G out. Speakingithur partner who is pnomenal Ty had fairly evacuation participation rates but someti people ruso evacuate for whatever but, you know, this storm just basically, you know, typifies theson W we ask people to bepared a can'tlace alw replace this infrasucture. K will unfold fordays, fair to S flooding, greateda Well,ig the storm winld be the it wi B here for several days you will start to seeainfall not measured in inches but meared in fe. You know, some of the could see 30 to0nches the course of several and if you look at forecast, this hook backo the northeast, a on the right S of that track better prered for a lot of rainfall. So West Virginia, virg,he mid-atlantic states are not off thok and need T be doing everything tight now prepare for the Ming days. We know in a disas take coordinated effort, fate, local. Everybody doing their part. Absolutely. This ia team effort. Weot bind me are the D staff of FEMA and the fal workforce. Th've been gng a night and in a matte O hours but they've working with the strong governors of Na, virginiaas well all the way upto Delaware and the state emergenc management a themergency managem when it goes reallyel is locally executed state managed meeting T respoe recoveoals of T govern at they put forward. And, Mr. Longe all saw S qutioning the deal in hurricane MARIA. You were on T for them aswell. Also were responsiblelated Dea to is the official position of FEMA. Soy, here's thefficial potion offema. One death is a death T wevery day. We have af people tt P out billions of dollars rtrantso do preparedness, to do education sai can't replace any lives and W work every day to try to prevent that. The problem is, we don have trueulture O preparedness the country. The all have to work togeth. Will take more than department education and efforts T educate pele about the hazards of where they narrative aueco that is frustrating to mes th billions O dollars, you ow, an estimat $120 billion is about to G INT the commalth. What America needs to concene what ticians need to concentrate on and medds to concentrate do we build a better therastructur is not allowed to crumble and rot which believe ads to a mtitude of deaths over time. Any meenevent,n in thisvet we're just us the indirect deathsted oncetorm H passed continue E and peo fall off their roof trying to fixit. Pele hav wrecks because the stop lout. You se statistics likes go up. Thise guys behindus, the offial word from FEMA. We work every D to T to se lives and do the we N. Mhanks very much. Thank you, George I appreciate

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"Brock Long talks to \"GMA\" about the federal response, preparations and resources in place as the Category 1 storm makes landfall. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57820607","title":"FEMA administrator discusses latest on Hurricane Florence","url":"/GMA/News/video/fema-administrator-discusses-latest-hurricane-florence-57820607"}