Hero coach confronts student with a gun

Newly released video shows dramatic moments of the coach disarming a student with a shotgun.
2:26 | 10/19/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hero coach confronts student with a gun
We've got incredible new video of a hero coach disarming a student with a shotgun. Marci Gonzalez is in Los Angeles with more about how this all played out. Marci, good morning. Reporter: Good morning. Whit, you talked to that coach shortly after that close call at parkrose high school but now we're seeing, not only the courage in his reaction but his compassion. This morning new video shows the tense moments a Portland high school football coach disarmed a student roaming the campus with a loaded shotgun. The powerful surveillance footage obtained by ABC's station k2 shows coach keanon Lowe tossing the gun's slip into the hallway and walking out of the classroom one hand on the gun, the other on the student. Lowe handing that shotgun off and hugging the 18-year-old. You see him talking with angel granados-diaz he slowly backs them away and students running out, Rowe holding grandnados-diaz until police closed in. I need a rifle operator to start heading towards parkrose. Once we heard there was a gun everybody started panicking more, people crying and shaking. Reporter: Following this shooting scare in may, police and students praised Lowe as a hero. He put his life at danger for us. Reporter: The former star play for the Oregon ducks then talking with "Good morning America" about those nerve-racking moments. I lunged for the gun and we both had the gun. We had four hands on the gun and, you know, students are running out of the back of the classroom. You know, and I'm just trying to make sure that the end of the gun isn't pointing towards where the students are running. Reporter: Lowe crediting his instincts for his courageous response that many believe may have prevented another school tragedy. For me there was no time for fear or even to think. Everything happened so fast and it was the longest fraction of a second of my life. An attorney for that student says he didn't intend to hurt anyone but himself that day. Granados-diaz has now pleaded guilty to two charges for bringing that loaded gun to school as a part of the plea deal. He'll now spend three years on probation and receive mental health treatment. Whit. All right, Marci Gonzalez, thank you. I remember talking to that coach and had such a big heart. Because he really had a lot of concern for the student, you see in the video. That embrace afterwards really incredible. The compassion he showed.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"Newly released video shows dramatic moments of the coach disarming a student with a shotgun.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66387628","title":"Hero coach confronts student with a gun","url":"/GMA/News/video/hero-coach-confronts-student-gun-66387628"}