Hurricane Michael shows Ginger Zee something she has never seen

ABC News' chief meteorologist saw an entire home "rolling down the street."
1:51 | 10/10/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hurricane Michael shows Ginger Zee something she has never seen
And did you read now moved inside just did you did earlier you've you've got there the early brunt of this we're now seeing this year of course. As this makes its way through Panama City and the last wind gusts that I saw reported sugar was 190 miles per hour right here head of a city. And gave it. No matter where you are in this storm I just saw something I have never seen in real life has seen it on video and I have seen it in a 3-D graphic that we made to despite storms are assignment I care home. Taken off its foundation and rolled down the street that is the type of storm surge we're talking about right here in Max does city at this moment. You can't see it but we could just start to make Al and I saw the roof on its side. Rolling down the street and that was one of the one of the structure is that I had showed you earlier. I can't see if any of the others have made it the water is still at least ten feet below us but remember I told you we're on the third. Floor. We have rooms fourth and fifth so we're able to go up if we needed soup but I'm gonna tell you right now anything. That was on his clothes within twenty minutes just now. Is gone. It's gonna be washed away is going to be one of those concrete slabs situations when this all homes down. My heart is racing again I have never heard George seen something like eight an entire home a well built home. Rolling down the street except for an infant and we need this treaty graphic. So that we explain to people after sandy happened what storm surge really does so with structure what I can do to your home and how quickly it can come in. We just watch that happen in real time then I tell you right now it. Makes you. Shape I can hear your voice is just staggering. Staggering ginger day and in and in worse we're glad that all of you release a little bit higher up and if at any moment. Because if you. You've got to get fully inside when a call arraigned yet Connolly feel they'll Baghdad.

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{"id":58412392,"title":"Hurricane Michael shows Ginger Zee something she has never seen","duration":"1:51","description":"ABC News' chief meteorologist saw an entire home \"rolling down the street.\"","url":"/GMA/News/video/hurricane-michael-shows-ginger-zee-58412392","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}