James Comey on how losing a child changed him as a leader

Plus, the "A Higher Loyalty" author and former FBI director reveals why he used NBA star LeBron James as an example for FBI employees.
5:12 | 04/17/18

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Transcript for James Comey on how losing a child changed him as a leader
Back the former FBI director James coming here talk about a new book a higher loyalty that is out today you see it. Right there and any no we talked about a lot of the controversies of last couple years but of course your book covers. A lot more than that yesterday a lot of America got to meet your way it treats. If for the first time and annual have been together since college. And I was struck by a story told in the book early you relationship she actually literally. Saved your life. She did we met we were nineteen. After we graduated college she went in the peace corner West Africa and our relationship is just a series of events of me chasing her trying to convince her to love me. And so I traveled to West Africa to visit her after my first year law school. And in a remote spot in the bush in Sierra Leona I came down with malaria. And we were probably fifty miles from help. And she knew she had to get me out of there before I was going to be and desperate straits. So she's put me on the back of her motorcycle 125 CC motorcycle and took me. Through bush roads. And then ended up literally dragging me to a hospital which saved my life. Just incredible and that you also shared. The most searing experience any parents could have you lost that your son Colin was just a little pain. Our son Colin was born healthy and died. Little over a week later from a preventable infection and it was. Devastating hard for me even today to describe the audio part of this book which they're red almost couldn't get through that chapter. Because it is so painful especially to think about what Patrice went through then. But then she taught me something which I describe in the book. Like turning that into something good not there would ever make that incredible pain worth it. But she wanted to other mothers to never experienced that pain that she had gone through this issue made it her mission to try to change medical practice across the country. So that all mothers who be tested for this bacteria which is harmless to the moms. But can kill their babies and so you have a baby today in the United States you are tested for group B strap in if you have it you're treated event erratic during delivery in your baby will be fine. She talks something awful and turned it into something good. Which is the reason it's in the book which is about leadership it changed how I think about being a person being a leader. And talk about leadership. Should classes. Whether you're director of the FBI you know she talked a lot about which you learned about leadership from. Following the biggest army in the LeBron James a man I've never met I resemble only in being the same height and everything else is there. Shoulders are about twice mind but I admire look Ron James and he's probably about to find out used to talk about him all over the FBI and say he illustrates what the endless pursuit of excellence looks like. I don't want to offend anybody but he's the best basketball player on the earth today that maybe you. People have the I. I'm sorry your shouldn't take anybody else here fifteen for LeBron and he is still the king the top of the game. But every offseason I've read he tries to find a part of his game to make better. Which is crazy to the dirty better than everybody else it's because he measures himself not against the others but against himself. So used to say inside the FBI look there's a great organization. But it's not good enough it can't ever be good enough we have to find parts of our game to make better. Look at LeBron James and so that's that's hard used him as an example got some questions coming in. A system. From JB yes 54 GB yes vote was the book in the making for some time was or some watershed moment we conclude you must write if it's the latter. What was the watershed moment in which would read the book. Tell you may have heard I was fired two. I'm that may the ninth of last year I was never gonna write a book. It always felt like an exercise in ego and I'm sure a lot of my friends are gonna mock me for turning around writing a book. But I decided in the wake of my firing it dawned on me over a few weeks. That I had something that I can be useful something bad happen to remember the lessons I've learned from my wife. Is there something that I can make good out of this I'd still rather be FBI director but I have a chance. To tell stories. About. Things I've done wrong problems I have values I've learned that may be useful to parents or to bosses or anybody's gonna have a boss about what leadership should look like. As she least the next question the came in on Twitter from the real jango. If offered would you go back to being the director of the FBI under another presidential administration. That's a great question I'd have to talk to Patrice about it. I loved what I did. And what makes me sad is them away from those people and that mission. And I I'm mark M imagine myself back in government. But if I had a magic wand I would still be FBI director with those people trying to protect this great country he. Laughter okay. Tony thanks very much thanks George.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"Plus, the \"A Higher Loyalty\" author and former FBI director reveals why he used NBA star LeBron James as an example for FBI employees.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54518689","title":"James Comey on how losing a child changed him as a leader","url":"/GMA/News/video/james-comey-losing-child-changed-leader-54518689"}