Mass evacuations as Category 4 Hurricane Florence approaches

Residents in the Carolinas are racing against time to prepare their homes and leave as FEMA and first responders get ready for Hurricane Florence to make landfall Friday.
4:21 | 09/12/18

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Transcript for Mass evacuations as Category 4 Hurricane Florence approaches
We want to G right hurricane Florence. It is St and slow. A huge storm as itn on theast 'S where I right now. And te a look. This is category 4 storm lo like fm the international space station. You can that eye right the THA I acary sight to see the storm expanding. Take look. E states now all on alert inuding Georgia. The massive race T esce is under way. More than a Mon andf people told to andraffic are movg in just one dnd that direction is out. Amy an robre those are bracinfor that hard hit but first we begin with ginger a the brand-new track and Tim of Ging I'm hding I today because today the St day any travel should be by tomorrow all preparations necompletethis stormore THA 600 miles to the south O cape fear it has nudged trust southward and slowed it down so you're seeing here the ting Friday 2:00 a.m.till off the coast, so we're looking Friday night landfall. Don't kn don'tus on ndfall. Therefore,l storm-forc winds begin tomorrow morning, that 7:30 tomrow morning along the coast of nth Lina. Look at topsail beach 107--per-hour sts Thursday night. Still hasn'tel. Then it lksike it goes into socarolina a hds due west. We're talking about almost like a was machine for hours for some folks,ain cld go 40 inches, surg up13 fee especially internorth calina. Amy, we're talng AUT words the national hurricane , uninhappen table power for O Y ridents are hearing those warnings, beautiful morning as you can here on wriville beach and we've beenatching ts T view beforeacuating.acuationstart this morning and with as you mentio Florence ho quickly to this cotlineo one will be allowed on this beach as of 8:00 P.M. Tonht this moing, theal countdown is on for more a milliopeople fng Florence. Scaping hurricane Florence. R 4 per hour andnfall uo 40 inches. Massive prepio under wa and residents racing againtime as they bod up windows, pa their bgings and hit the ro Thiis what we've got, enoughlo for a week in case we can't come back rig ay. Reporter: In south carina by air the coast guard Ung black hawk helicopters to provide support. While on the grou mas exodus and a tic nigmare fo those behind thewheel. With some majorhways morphed into one-way streets in an effortspeed uphe acuations. Currently on is usually the right side of the road. Asou can see the traffic coming up T other side too. Reporter: A federal state and rede ready fhe worst. We are in a rtf Che hurrice Reporter: Store shechlves near bare. Utter ch as sppers scrambler suppliesnd L at the pumps growing longer many already wiped clean of precious gasos soon a I pulled in the ING lot some me there was no gas so you might as well not come here. Orter: Not everyone can get out. Chartte chapma is one of them. E north rolinian mom expecting her fourth child any day thisweek with us even with a newbornecket. Reporter: And F MI decision less clear. We're packing L we' leaving but we're hg that we get to S Reporter: Now ourne into ightsvilleas surisingly full but full of people a mission flying in to get lov one, elderly loved ones O safely te and others were U pes and get tear possessions but nearly ee tt plane was flying in to G out quickly, robin.ght. Thank uch there, Amy, W apprte it. Thank you, robin. So manpele in they of the

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Residents in the Carolinas are racing against time to prepare their homes and leave as FEMA and first responders get ready for Hurricane Florence to make landfall Friday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57766508","title":"Mass evacuations as Category 4 Hurricane Florence approaches","url":"/GMA/News/video/mass-evacuations-category-hurricane-florence-approaches-57766508"}