Massive winter storm slams upper Midwest and takes aim at Northeast

Winter storm warnings and alerts are in effect from the Midwest to the Northeast with snow and ice creating a treacherous situation on the roads.
3:24 | 01/18/20

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Transcript for Massive winter storm slams upper Midwest and takes aim at Northeast
We begin with that fierce winter storm barreling across the country this morning bringing ice, snow and whiteout conditions. At least one person killed in an avalanche in California where 25 inches of snow had fallen in a 24-hour period. Winter storm warnings and alerts in effect from the midwest to the northeast right now, with snow and ice creating a treacherous situation out there on the roads. We have team coverage beginning with ABC's Kaylee Hartung in Detroit where the snow is falling. Kaylee, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning, Dan. The riverwalk in Detroit is a popular tourist destination. The only people we see here this morning are security guards and guys with snowplows. Snow accumulated quickly overnight. More than three inches here and it is just the beginning. This morning, a major storm is wreaking havoc from the rockies to the northeast, millions of Americans across 28 states at risk. Blizzard conditions hammering the highways causing multiple trucks to jackknife creating impassable roads for drivers. Wow. This close call caught on camera in Iowa. A pickup truck sliding off the road nearly slamming into officials who were already responding to another incident. Watch again as the truck barrels toward them just missing this person who barely had time to react. In the south two men were found dead in this car that was pulled from a river in Texas. Officials believe icy roads were to blame for the fatal accident. And in the west, officials are now identifying the skier who was killed in an avalanche at this resort near lake tahoe in California after over two feet of snow fell in just 24 hours. Alpine meadows avalanche. Reporter: 34-year-old Cole Comstock did not survive the incident. His wife now speaking out about their last moments together. A funny thing all of our friends do is we hit the tip of our pole, tap tips is what we call it. We tapped tips and we said, I love you and I love you too and we just went our separate ways. Reporter: Travel will continue to be a challenge today on the road and in the sky. This morning already hundreds of flight cancellations. Chicago's o'hare airport hit particularly hard and, Eva, thanks for the gloves you let me borrow. You're a life saver. Be careful out there, Kaylee. Get back into the warmth. Well, where are the snow, ice and whipping winds headed next. Greg Dutra from our Chicago station WLS in for rob tracking it all. Good morning. Good morning. A big system, a very windy and snowy system. Check out this video from Morehead, Minnesota. Is this a state trooper's car. All you can see in front of that state police officer is his lights and barely seeing the video ahead of another car. Now, this is from Fargo, again, I think the only thing you're worried about more in the situation than hitting something from the front end is maybe getting rear ended by somebody who can't see where they're going. Now, this system, as it tracks across the U.S. Will continue to wreak havoc. Wind and snow through the day today. It's already pulling now away from Chicago. Moving into the Ohio river valley, alerts for 20 plus states, people affected this afternoon. It will mainly be into the northeast headed into new England. After seeing that 5 to 8 inches of snow near Detroit, Boston will see 2 to 4 inches of snow. A little less in New York City with I-95 acting as a barrier between a little bit of snow, 1 to 3, and much, much more snow all the way up in the

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"Winter storm warnings and alerts are in effect from the Midwest to the Northeast with snow and ice creating a treacherous situation on the roads.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68368677","title":"Massive winter storm slams upper Midwest and takes aim at Northeast","url":"/GMA/News/video/massive-winter-storm-slams-upper-midwest-takes-aim-68368677"}