Michael Cohen's attorney reacts to Stormy Daniels

David Schwartz responds to a claim made by Stormy Daniels that Cohen, his client and President Trump's personal attorney, was behind a physical threat in 2011.
4:43 | 03/26/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michael Cohen's attorney reacts to Stormy Daniels
Joining us is David Schwartz. The attorney for Michael Cohen. Thank you for joining us. You probably heard Michael avenatti. Does he believe stormy Daniels is lying last night? Absolutely. The lying is all over that piece. You don't have to go further than the piece to see the lying. The inconsistencies. The fact that she said nothing happened and now she says something happened. She's in it for the money. And Michael avenatti is in it for the press and the money also. She claims she had a relationship with Donald Trump, she's lying? Well, I mean, I wasn't there. Michael Cohen wasn't there. We don't know what happened 12 years ago. But Mr. Trump says she's lying. Look at the piece. An affair. What did she say taking her own words. She spent four hours on a couch with him. They had sex one time, according to what she says. Mr. Trump denies it. Who cares? This happened 1 years ago. That's one of the questions. Who cares? Then why keep pursuing it? Michael avenatti is pursuing it. He brought the case to court. A contract is a coop tract. We live by contracts. And you can't just break a contract without there being consequences. Michael avenatti says that's a threat. I don't know where he's from that that's a threat by enforcing a damaging clause in a a contract. It's not a threat. Didn't seem concerned about your cease and desist letter. He said he believes that this threat could have only come there someone connected to Donald Trump. Right. Again. Speculation. Guess work. That waps what this is all about. 1 year ago, somebody approaches her in a parking lot. Okay. And what does she do? She doesn't go to the police. She goes to her pilates class. This is ridiculous. That's the first thing you think of doing, you go to a pilates class and not to the police? He believes he'll be able to show there was some kind of reimbursement or promise from president trump or someone connected to him to Michael Cohen. I don't see how that's possible. First of all, it's been skrr clear. The president didn't know about this. Michael Cohen was acting on behalf of the LLC created. His job was, and Donald Trump was a third party beneficiary to this. And Mr. Avenatti has promised all kinds of things. The CD. He promised -- how about the lie detector he promised, a complete fraud and false. It's been proven by my polygraph expert that that lie detector test is completely invalid. Zploer experts dispute that. You just called Mr. Trump a third party beneficiary. If so, he was a beneficiary of an ill colleaguele in-kind contribution from Michael Cohen 37. That is completely -- how is it to say that's illegal. You're involved in a nondisclosure agreement. It happens every day in America. Go weeks before an election. Every day in America. They're not running for presidents. That's to protect reputation. Family. Business. That's what that payment is for. It has nothing to do with running for president. And by the way, anyone running in this country, running for congress or anything else, that is a dangerous precedent. Any payment can be considered a campaign con ttribu the tion. The illegal -- was started by stormy Daniels. Everyone said it is hush money. It's legal extortion. It happens every single day. If you're a CEO. If you're on top of a company. You have a lot to worry about by people trying to extort you for money. Meantime, Michael avenatti says there's still more evidence of the affair. He's not coming forward with it yet. Oh, he's not. He had the forum in "60 minutes" last night. He tried his case in the court of public opinion. His case fell flat. That is by people against the president. This is not whether you're for or against the president. It's about wt is right and wrong. What is your next move? Our next move is this case has to go back to arbitration and certainly, Michael Cohen will not rest until he rekoefrs every single penny of damages and it could be $20 million. David Schwartz, thank you for your time this morning. Thank you, George.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"David Schwartz responds to a claim made by Stormy Daniels that Cohen, his client and President Trump's personal attorney, was behind a physical threat in 2011.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54011456","title":"Michael Cohen's attorney reacts to Stormy Daniels","url":"/GMA/News/video/michael-cohens-attorney-reacts-stormy-daniels-54011456"}