Mom searches for answers after daughter 'vanished'

Paula Hill's daughter, Shemika Cosey, disappeared in 2008 and police in Berkeley, Missouri, report that calls are now starting to come in about Cosey's disappearance.
5:34 | 07/22/19

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Transcript for Mom searches for answers after daughter 'vanished'
Now to our new series vanished taking a closer look at unsolved missing persons cases and following new clues that could help crack them. This morning we have the story of a missing Missouri girl. Shemika cosey who disappeared without a trace in 2008 and her family's fight to bring her home. Steve osunsami has more. So glad that we're doing this, Steve. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning to you, robin. So many of these families feel they're searching on their own, that the public has forgotten and in some cases they feel it's because of the color of their skin. This mother in Missouri is refusing to give up hope. I still have hope. I still have hope that one day I'm going to find my child. Reporter: This is the face of the daughter who Paula hill wants the world to remember and help her bring home. She's 8 on here. Reporter: She wants people to see her daughter the way she does to this day, a little girl in pigtails. It's very hard living day to day not knowing where your child is. Reporter: Her name is Shemika cosey and the moment she disappeared is burned into her mother's memory. On December the 28th, 2008, that was the last day that I seen her. And it was a normal day. Reporter: You've come back to this neighborhood a number of times. Oh, yeah. She was here spending the night with her cousins a few days after Christmas when everyone woke up in the morning and discovered she was gone. She was 16 years old, a door was unlocked and police just outside St. Louis believe she ran away so they never searched for the girl. They're not doing anything because they think she gone on her own. I don't know what to do. Reporter: Shemika cosey's story was different in a sense she vanished without a trace. Reporter: This woman is a local news anchor and reporter who produces a podcast documenting forgotten cases of missing black Americans. This was one of her first. She was going in and out of the house at that night. At 1:00 A.M. She left with her purse and jacket. Her belongings, her overnight bag still left on the counter in the house and never seen again. Reporter: This idea she ran away. You don't believe that. No. No. Do I believe she left on her with someone, yes, but she was intending to come back. Not up stepping to stay gone ten years. Reporter: Her daughter wasn't perfect. She once discovered a fake I.D. And another time saw her in the dark sedan of a much older man. You believe it's possible she may have been caught up in the sex trafficking trade. Yes, because I heard her dating older men. Reporter: Frustrated with police the family went searching on their own and posted flyers outside nightclubs where the 16-year-old used to sneak in. She needed someone who understood her pain and started the support group. They told us to tell parents of missing children to never give up. We among to a club that nobody wants to belong to. Yes. We can give each other like they've been through this. Reporter: Years later when Paula hill and her two other girls were packing up to move they found this major clue. So this is her -- one of her notebooks. Reporter: In these three notebooks are Shemika's handwritten messages from a few months before she disappeared an talks about a boyfriend and sharing with him she might be pregnant. Police interviewed the boyfriend and say he is not a suspect. I can assure that this department tried to do everything in our power to find Shemika cosey. Reporter: They tell us the case is still active and recently calls are coming in. Two weeks ago we got a call and we're going to follow up on any and all leads we get. Reporter: Hill and her other daughters submitted DNA samples praying the records give a match. This is her at the family reunion. Reporter: She gets through the day with a broken heart but in the time we spent with here she smiled and laughed the most going through necessary pictures of her daughter. I just need to keep her face out there. I don't want anyone to forget that she's still missing. Because you certainly haven't forgotten. Nope. Please take a look at your screen. These are age progressed photos of Shemika cosey produced by the national center for missing and exploited children and may be going by the name Mika. If you have any information, call 1-800-the-lost or visit our website for more information on Shemika cosey's case as well as information on those other missing people who are being searched for by her mother's support group. I got to tell you, Steve, when you saw the support group, how many families are going through what Shemika's family is going through, Steve. Reporter: So, so many families are going through this and, you know, more missing people, more people go missing in America than anyone could possibly imagine and for these families, it is a lonely, lonely fight, especially if their stories don't make it into the headlines. And each story deserves to be told. Each and every one of them. All right, Steve, thanks so much. So often telling the stories of missing women and girls of color especially so it's great that we are shining a light on

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"Paula Hill's daughter, Shemika Cosey, disappeared in 2008 and police in Berkeley, Missouri, report that calls are now starting to come in about Cosey's disappearance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64480268","title":"Mom searches for answers after daughter 'vanished'","url":"/GMA/News/video/mom-searches-answers-daughter-vanished-64480268"}