Negotiations for Kavanaugh, Ford hearing intensify

Christine Blasey Ford's lawyers say she does not want to come face-to-face with Brett Kavanaugh and has a "strong preference" that there be a full FBI investigation first.
4:15 | 09/21/18

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Transcript for Negotiations for Kavanaugh, Ford hearing intensify
Iheir year. We'll bin with the N developments in the sure urt showdown, Brett Kavanaugh's accuser Christine blaseyd says sheay be willing toestify O capitol hill as soon as nextweek. As possible defend his Na our nioral the E house. Good moinmary. Reporter:d morning, robin. We are now learning new details out the delicate negotiations ff. Christe asey Ford is ready to tell se thatrett vanaugh sexually assaulted but only theditionsre right and if heruest can be satisfied we cld be headed for anric he said/shed Hearin as snd as next Thursday. He a ne, person eporter: Overnighpresident ump standing by his embattle supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh again allegations O sexual assault. [ Chanting crowdnting kavaugh's names the president reassured his pporters Well, Lett play out and I think everything is going to B just fine Reporr: Iew on blasey ford'sll didn't C out sooner. To seet's going on is very you say why didn't some C the fb6 years ago, I mean, also say when did this all happen? Gon? Rorter: Thi morning, blasey foris ready tl side of the story key Conti a met. ABC news coning blasey Ford's team told the senate judiciary committee doesn't comeface-to-face with th she alleges drunkenly assaultehe a hig school party. Ertrongference the committee allow ful F investigation before she ger ending it and blasey Ford wants steps to be T ensure hersaty, her lawyer says blaseford'samily H had to relocate to esce stressful toote able T be home with her family. Rter: Blasefo family is now breaking their silence deing her. Chrissy F my sister-in-law. Anshe I own to Earth tegrous haking lovely N. Reptee the president questig timing blasey Ford's sister-in-law said orward all is easy. Parf what inds that she felt sort of Y deiled F couple of years. I'm sure she pparing mentally embrace herruth an ofet past the things that have made her feel lik has toide it and be silent. Reporter: Judge Kavanaugh adamantly den the charges tells the committee continue to want a hearing as S as O this can clear my me. The high-stakes political battle ING out with aritical midterm Elons just weeks away. Reporter: Democrats are urging Ford to H her ground that investigaon rightnow. But they don't seem willing If T amecan peoepeak out loud enough about how importt O th might change their mind. Reporteepublicans it they are workingcc let her testify privately. We off one Mo. GHT. Close seson or two ways of doing B ript. Reporter:now, those close kaugh contain to arguehat this is simply ae of mistaken identi onlly going so far aso point a frfnother O O Kavanaugh's former class pog highchool photos of them S by side making the argument bla the two M confused but she tells here iso chance I would confusethem. Ore you go, that was kind of an asnishinging. Any resp from that other individu? EP George, we are still waiting to hear R omt other individual but it is qui anoundinghing to come outliclyry to point a finger someone like this. That was ry something th

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"Christine Blasey Ford's lawyers say she does not want to come face-to-face with Brett Kavanaugh and has a \"strong preference\" that there be a full FBI investigation first. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57982574","title":"Negotiations for Kavanaugh, Ford hearing intensify ","url":"/GMA/News/video/negotiations-kavanaugh-ford-hearing-intensify-57982574"}