North Carolina coast battered by Hurricane Florence

ABC News' David Muir reports from Wilmington, North Carolina, on the punishing winds and blasting rain from the Category 1 storm.
3:23 | 09/14/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for North Carolina coast battered by Hurricane Florence
We'll speak to the mor inust a moment. We gok "World news tonit" ancr dav Muir in Wilmington where THA torrential rain is coming down.shat you're experiencing right now. Repr: This is a really dire situation right now. We kw that the eyefane Florens about T makeandfallt wrightsville beach. At's due et of wheree're right over us here inwilmon. What we're experi what ING right now, these winds, ts whiing this is part of the wall. We normally see thisn a hurricane when you happen to be in the area WHE they com eryou, the beginnin eyewl brings some of theost ferocious winds just reported 90-mile-per-hourd GU a Wilmington nasal airpt. Know THAs higher than what they saw I fn back the late '90s,nd we know what the damagero those hurricane they said this gust is high wh saw in those two hurrices that brought signif destruction to this region. Sot we eect N and it's an incredihenomenono experience is the eye itself willome over us and we'll have a momentfalm anderhaps we'll bible to come back to you live W that happens and then the oth a most concerned about right I thatpeople, those stay behind thatheyndoors and they hunkerown a that ey recognize it's going some Tim for emecyities been reporting on the scene I new Bern, North Carolina, that F he andhat is a serioustu about 200 people rescued Aly, another 150 more waiting for help. We do know that people with ivatetsave now joined in T effort to toy to GE - try to G tos and some peoplere on their rooftops andeenhi in hurricanes in the past and ginger reportinays now about thanger of the storm surge and we known THA area it'she Trent R and the Neuse rer that comedition T ter coming in, offhose barrier islands and coming inlaou hav two of them already er and that's what's cr extremely dangerous situation I nebeill cone to follow here. Guys. All right T you so much, just theets of rain vid byhat wind bu when the eye comes over the and there I Cal people who did remember stay ther ome sng we saw ginger GE moved. Sn and bring you to H Iame inside because at one INT while were outhen the eyewall,indseo severe thatk we were standing on started ripping this istne of aozen bs that popped up off their nails becauf that. We think it's acting at L an airplane wing WHE it was ck up the wind and allow O pop the more safe to be here. I put S firsrm chasedor a long time I wod never P myself or the danger this plad for more than 100 years. It's parof why we chose it ca it has withstood many hurres and spe volumes as to the power thiane. We are seeing that rig now and glad Yo orobin. All right,george,nk you much. Joining us now byhone is

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"ABC News' David Muir reports from Wilmington, North Carolina, on the punishing winds and blasting rain from the Category 1 storm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57820566","title":"North Carolina coast battered by Hurricane Florence","url":"/GMA/News/video/north-carolina-coast-battered-hurricane-florence-57820566"}