Powerful storms sweep across the country

ore than 150 million Americans are facing a dangerous storm that has produced blizzards and tornadoes.
3:22 | 02/24/19

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Transcript for Powerful storms sweep across the country
But first, the powerful and dangerous storms striking much of the country. Blizzard conditions, dangerously high winds and tornadoes. More than 150 million Americans feeling this storm. Sam champion is standing by with your forecast, but let's start here with ABC's Marcus Moore who is on the ground in hard-hit Columbus, Mississippi. Marcus, good morning. Reporter: Dan, good morning. It's an astonishing scene here in Columbus. Those violent winds when they blew through on Saturday, leveled this buildings and look at this. Left just a couple of walls barely standing. Oh, there he is. Oh my goodness. There it is. Reporter: Overnight, severe weather pounding the south. One possible tornado turning deadly in Mississippi. A driver capturing this funnel cloud forming and spinning near Columbus where that suspected tornado touched down. All units take cover. All units take cover. A tornado reported. Reporter: Residents running into this store where they watched the strong winds and heavy rain pour down. Lights suddenly going dark. We were just praying. Reporter: ABC news confirming this morning at least one person was killed here. The damage devastating. Homes and businesses crumbled. Debris everywhere. Trees and power lines knocked over. More than 4,000 now without power. A massive tree falling right onto this vehicle. God is good. I'm glad to be alive. Reporter: And over 100 miles away, another possible twister spotted bringing a lightning show with it. In Tennessee, neighborhoods underwater. A month's worth of rain in one day in Knoxville. The torrential downpours prompting dozens of rescues and in the midwest, the storm bringing blizzard conditions creating dangerous roadways. Highways paralyzed, drivers stranded in Nebraska. The roadway turning into a crash course with several cars piling up. And back here in Mississippi, there were four people inside this building when it collapsed including a 41-year-old woman who sadly passed away from her injuries and the storm that did this was on the ground for a couple of miles at least according to authorities here and you see it knocked down this brick wall here, and as the sun comes up, crews with the national weather service will work to figure out the scale of the damage here, not only in Columbus, but across this region, guys. That's really sad. Marcus Moore, thank you very much. Let's get the forecast. Sam champion is in for rob. Is the worst of this thing now over? The worst part, Dan, when we look at, like, tornados and blizzards conditions, we're moving that out during the day today, but there is another component that comes in behind this storm that's going to be tough and that's the wind. Let's talking about these records because that tornado you just saw was one of four reported in yesterday. We had the blizzard warnings at the same time. Des Moines comes in with the snowiest February ever because of this storm. Knoxville and Nashville with the wettest February ever because of the storm. Now here's what's left on the board today. Winter weather advisories, blizzard warnings still out, and we don't have time to go through all of them. It takes snow to the great Lakes and Canada, and into the east today. Here's the tough part of the next 48 hours. It's the wind tonight around the great Lakes and today up to 50, 60 miles per hour and tomorrow we move that wind into the east coast as well. So wind because everything is saturated guys, trees are going to go down, and we'll lose a lot of power, Eva.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"ore than 150 million Americans are facing a dangerous storm that has produced blizzards and tornadoes. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61272410","title":"Powerful storms sweep across the country","url":"/GMA/News/video/powerful-storms-sweep-country-61272410"}