Protests at the border are growing in Texas

Activists threaten hunger strikes and protesters block a bus amid ongoing confusion over immigration policy.
3:00 | 06/24/18

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Transcript for Protests at the border are growing in Texas
Protests are growing at the border are now members of the Kennedy family are teaming up with activists and celebrities to take a stand for the children separated from their parents. ABC's Marcus Moore is in McAllen Texas. Where the protests have been intense Marcus good morning. Good morning Adrien and overnight the HS released a statement saying that more than 500 children. Who been separated from their families have since been reunited as those protest against those separations. Continue. Chaos outside this immigration processing center in McAllen Texas protesters blocking the bus carrying immigrant children. Groups would faces frozen in time and moving images captured Saturday. Tension boiling over at the border amid calls to reunite separated families. Are crossing the border illegally and charged into the truck administrations now open ended zero tolerance policy. Sorry bill among the volunteer attorneys who met with detained parents eager to know when they might see their children again. When it got to their children. That was when they broke down that was in the tears flowed freely that was when they just lost all strength and ability and on. To date Customs and Border Protection says as many as 500 children have been reunited with their families since may. But that number doesn't include those children held by other agencies still separated from their parents. Among them eight year old Danny he's in New York his mother being detained in El Paso facing charges after crossing the border illegally. His aunt Eva Serrano trying to reunite them. El Paso across the Jenner has not responded. Woodward about the Bostick said. Back in McAllen are already too was always like this one fueling a groundswell of activism. With the coalition led by legendary human rights activist Dolores where the and Kerry Kennedy Robert F Kennedy's daughter declaring a 24 day hunger strike in solidarity with separated immigrant families. Sacrificing. The clean a little bit of pain. Maybe underpinning but not the kind of thing that the family that's something for the children but really. And as Dole's protests continue DHS says an additional sixteen children. Will be reunited with their parents in the next 24 hours that. Markets more along the border in Texas we appreciate it let's bring in ABC news chief hacker George Stephanopoulos is going to be hosting this week a little later this morning. Good morning sir so let's the president out on the stump in Nevada yes Teri his son Tareq Al Mary's piece. Despite all the uproar over immigration he said quite clearly he wants to make immigration a big issue in the coming mid terms. Smart politics. This is his issue no question about it go back to the first speech of the first Davis presidential campaign. Back in 2015. This was the central issue the president believes that works for him he's gonna ride it all the way to the mid terms that's tricky one. Coming up in his mid terms on the positive side. The president it does tend unite and rally his Republican base get them fired up so that could help. In a lot of red states on the other hand. It could also fire the Democrats fire Latinos turn off suburban women who Republican House candidates need if they're gonna survive I think good. Seem to look at is where the president was yesterday Nevada. Dean Heller is in a very tight. Race for the senator the Republican. Incumbent he's been critical of the president he's been critical the pres he's been moderate on immigration when he introduced the president he didn't mention immigration at all he simply talked about. Guys we are heading into uninteresting mid terms full employment act for political reporters so let me ask you about another related issue terror Paul merry also reported earlier. That congress is preparing to vote on a narrow bill here that would quote and quote fix the president's executive order on these family separations. And give leeway so that you can hold families. For more than twenty days together does that mean we're heading into a future were will be holding families perhaps indefinitely behind mark. If it passed I think it's unlikely the law like has confessed even if you got a Republican majority. In the house behind I I believe. That there are not Democrats and senate to filibuster to prevent that. From passing because a lot of Democrats think it's both inhumane and impractical you can't simply detained families a for a long period of time as you point out the current law. I says you can't detained children. For more than twenty days in fact this week a judge is likely to strike down. The presence executive order on those grounds saying no this is it's it's not compatible with the law because we keep kids behind twenty days. Once that happens it could be a free for all over again. George Stephanopoulos always great to have your analysis on the Sunday morning and I want to remind everybody Georgia has a big show this morning immigration at the top of the docket he's gonna go one on one with senator. Jeff flake and congressman Luis Gutierrez plus Tamara house roundtable. It's all coming up on this week later this morning right here on ABC tourists think union appreciate.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Activists threaten hunger strikes and protesters block a bus amid ongoing confusion over immigration policy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56123001","title":"Protests at the border are growing in Texas","url":"/GMA/News/video/protests-border-growing-texas-56123001"}