Real estate agents caught on camera discriminating against minorities

New York newspaper Newsday conducted an undercover investigation.
2:54 | 11/22/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Real estate agents caught on camera discriminating against minorities
We turn to a pretty stunning undercover investigation that reveals racial discrimination in real estate and this was caught on camera. An important one "Newsday" discovering some minority home buyers received unequal treatment and Zachary kiesch has more. Yeah, Cecilia, good morning to you as well. The only color that should matter when buying a house is green, right? Do you have the money? But this comprehensive investigation using 25 undercover mock homebuyers was done in an affect to determine whether race matters and the treatment they're given. An undercover investigation by "Newsday" found buying a new home may pose a risk of discrimination for nonwhite home buyers in some New York suburbs. The risks to African-Americans in particular of suffering potential discrimination was about 50/50. Reporter: Reporters working in conjunction with fair housing experts for more than three years, 240 hours of recordings of more than 80 real estate agents. The testers of different races posing as first time home buyers. One "Newsday" tester secretly recorded this real estate agent praising a predominantly minority community when speaking with a black buyer. Every time I get a new listing in brentwood or new client, I get excited because they're the nicest people. Reporter: The agent sent the black buyer numerous listings in brentwood but when a white buyer asked to see homes there, the agent warned him to look into the area's gang violence and never sent him any listings. The agent in that situation is obligated to give the same information to both sides for the test. The warning about gangs did not come with the black tester and that's troubling because it should be equal. Reporter: Newsday also says its investigation showed evidence of some real estate agents holding minority buyers to stricter financial standards. What is your available? When can you start looking at houses? Reporter: Taking some white testers to see homes without proof of mortgage preapproval but refusing to do the same for some minorities. That means I can't go out to see anything. I won't do it. You can try other American. But I don't have the time to do that. What we saw from the newsday investigation is not unique to Long Island. It's the kind of practices that we see all across the country. And to realize that we still have this level of discrimination. It's very hurtful. In addition to the newsday investigation, there are multiple probes into housing discrimination issues happening on Long Island by New York lawmakers and, you know, as she pointed out there, while this might be the latest iteration, there is a long history of housing discrimination. Not isolated. Zachary, good to see you this

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"New York newspaper Newsday conducted an undercover investigation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67224398","title":"Real estate agents caught on camera discriminating against minorities","url":"/GMA/News/video/real-estate-agents-caught-camera-discriminating-minorities-67224398"}