Robert Kraft charged with soliciting prostitution

An arrest warrant may be issued for the New England Patriots owner for being involved in a human trafficking sting.
2:55 | 02/23/19

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Transcript for Robert Kraft charged with soliciting prostitution
We turn now to the bombshell involving billionaire Robert Kraft. Yeah, the patriots owner facing charges for allegedly soliciting prostitution and now he's responding. ABC's Zachary kiesch joining us with more on this story. Zachary, good morning. Reporter: Good morning to you, whit. This is a big story. The patriots have played in ten super bowls since Robert Kraft bought the team, and police say this incident happened just two weeks before their recent world championship. New England patriots owner Robert Kraft charged with soliciting prostitution as part of a human trafficking investigation at a Florida massage parlor. He's being charged with the same offenses as others hurricane that is soliciting another to commit prostitution. Reporter: This comes just weeks after the billionaire and team celebrated a historic sixth super bowl win. Kraft is one of the league's most recognizable figures and is listed as one of more than 200 men currently identified in an investigation that ran about six months. There are concerns in this investigation centers around the possibility of victims of human trafficking. Reporter: Detectives say the charges hinge on evidence caught on camera. The question was does the video contain Mr. Kraft inside receiving the alleged acts, the answer to that is yes. Reporter: The alleged offenses took place here at orchids of Asia day spa. Located in a Jupiter, Florida, strip mall. The investigation started over concerns women were being victimized by spa owners. Detectives say the women lived at the location. The business is currently closed. Kraft's spokesperson said in a statement, we categorically deny that Mr. Kraft engaged in any illegal activity. Because it is a judicial matter, we will not be commenting further. And the league said they are aware of the ongoing law enforcement matter and will continue to monitor developments. A resident of Massachusetts, Kraft also owns a home in the palm beach area and is a frequent guest at president trump's mar-a-lago club. The president, a friend of Kraft's, announced earlier this year he had signed four bills to eradicate human trafficking calling it an urgent humanitarian issue. He's proclaimed his innocence totally and -- but I'm very surprised to see it. When something like this happens, the potential fall from grace is enormous. He will most likely be suspended by the league. He most likely will be fined by the league. Reporter: Detectives say Kraft was dropped off by a driver at least two times. Now, these are misdemeanor charges that the billionaire owner faces, and an arrest warrant for Kraft could be rly as Monday morning. Now, you know, I think the real value in this story is addressing the real issue of human trafficking. It is a dehumanizing, degrading ordeal for these women, and in this particular case these women are being described as victims. A massive problem all over this country and all over the world, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"An arrest warrant may be issued for the New England Patriots owner for being involved in a human trafficking sting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61257918","title":"Robert Kraft charged with soliciting prostitution","url":"/GMA/News/video/robert-kraft-charged-soliciting-prostitution-61257918"}