San Francisco sues home improvement service

San Francisco's district attorney calls HomeAdvisor's radio and television ads "false and misleading" in a new lawsuit.
2:50 | 03/21/18

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Transcript for San Francisco sues home improvement service
We have a consumer alert about the popular home improvement service home adviser. The city of San Francisco is suing accusing the company of false advertising, Paula is here with that. Home adviser is such a popular company that so many use. Home adviser boasts they can find a pro for any home improvement project across the country and that these pros are background checked but the D.A. Office in San Francisco is throwing down the hammer alleging enable cases these pros aren't background checked the all. You've seen the commercials. Les trust home adviser. Reporter: Home adviser promising an easy gateway to connect over 11 million homeowners with over 100,000 local and prescreened professionals for any home improvement need in cities across America. I use home adviser to get matched with background check pros to get the exact job I need. Reporter: They're under fire and facing legal action. The San Francisco district attorney calling home adviser's radio and TV ads false and misleading in a new lawsuit alleging that the commercials are, quote, likely to deceive consumers into believing that all service professionals hired who come into their homes have passed criminal background checks. We have tried to get them to take the ads off. They have refused so we filed action against them. Reporter: On its web site they say they use criteria to screen businesses including licensing, sex offender and criminal record searches as well as identity verification but the D.A. Says those checks are not sfrens sieve writing in the lawsuit the only person who undergoes a background check is the owner/principal of an independent business. Saying that subcontractors often do not experience the same level of background checks if checked at all. What they do is they lead the consumer to believe even a vulnerable person can be left alone with a home adviser contractor and they can rest assured that this person isn't one that is trustworthy and the reality is they do because they haven't backgrounded those people. Reporter: This lawsuit in California is another blow to home adviser. They've been plagued by complaints in other cities by consumers saying they've been affected by dishonest contractors. This was supposed to be brick all the way around. Reporter: In these cases home adviser offered to help find a resolution or even a refund. And while in San Francisco, the district attorney says this lawsuit is the result of a year-long investigation by its consumer protection unit. Overnight home adviser telling ABC news we do not comment on ongoing legal matters. Now, the D.A. Wants them to stop broadcasting false advertising and to pay the civil penalties. They filed it because home adviser refused. A cease and desize order back in December so a trial date is set but they're claiming they're inviting strangers into their homes. Some special guest.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"San Francisco's district attorney calls HomeAdvisor's radio and television ads \"false and misleading\" in a new lawsuit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53900911","title":"San Francisco sues home improvement service ","url":"/GMA/News/video/san-francisco-sues-home-improvement-service-53900911"}