Severe storms hitting heartland turn deadly

At least two people were killed and nearly two dozen injured when severe storms and reported tornadoes struck from Oklahoma to Missouri.
2:30 | 05/02/19

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Transcript for Severe storms hitting heartland turn deadly
We'll begin with that severe weather threat. More than 20 million in the path, possible flooding, hail, even tornadoes after those deadly storms hit the south. Marcus Moore is in Denton, Texas, and has the very latest for us. Good morning, Marcus. Reporter: Good morning. This violent storm brought with it powerful winds that snapped trees in this neighborhood and crushed a Ford must tang in the driveway. Oh, my god, there we go. Reporter: This morning deadly storms on the move, 30 reported twisters tearing across the heartland this week. Much of Oklahoma under a state of emergency, overnight dangerous flooding and crippling damage to the state. The storm knocking down power lines, toppling trees onto homes and this baseball field left with scattered sender blocks claiming at least two live, first responders frantically searched for a car that was swept away in Tulsa. The man found dead inside. The same storm injuring 22 others. In Texas an ef-1 twister with 90-mile-per-hour winds uprooted trees and made roads impassable in Denton. A man in Missouri is lucky to be alive after high water over a bridge swept his truck into a creek. A rescue team found the man clinging to a tree just inches above rushing waters. His truck nowhere in sight. The storm stretching all the way up to Michigan. This neighborhood in Dearborn looking more like a lake. Dozens of people trapped in their homes. The rescue effort took hours. The disaster taking its toll. It's our home. The house is paid for. We have no flood insurance. I can't afford it. Reporter: The Mississippi river in Davenport, Iowa, submerging the downtown area since Tuesday. And people in this region have already endured two days of severe weather and now we are looking at day number three and the main concern now is Cecilia. Such a scene of destruction out there. The threat is far from over. There is concern about flash flooding. Ginger tracking it all. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning. Check this out, the radar raining from Peoria, Illinois to more than 4 inches of rain in this line in Texas headed toward Houston, even severe storm, the area we're concerned about. Barely moves and these rainstorms train along it. What we're going to end up seeing is not just the potential for damaging wind and hail and the two areas you see highlighted that include Louisville up to Evansville, Indiana, but that rain. We could end up seeing three to five inches on top of what's already fallen.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"At least two people were killed and nearly two dozen injured when severe storms and reported tornadoes struck from Oklahoma to Missouri.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62774524","title":"Severe storms hitting heartland turn deadly","url":"/GMA/News/video/severe-storms-hitting-heartland-turn-deadly-62774524"}