Severe summer storms slam East Coast

More summer storms on the way with gusty winds, heavy rain and hail that could affect the Midwest and the Northeast.
2:27 | 08/18/19

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Transcript for Severe summer storms slam East Coast
story, the severe summer storms bringing damaging winds and large hail around the country More than 150 reports of severe weather on Saturday, including 114 reports of strong winds. Look at this video from Pennsylvania, a thunderstorm causing significant damage. In Charlotte, North Carolina, a tree slamming on top of mobile homes. And there are more summer storms on the way today. With gusty winds, heavy rain and hail possible from midwest to the northeast. Rob's right here tracking all of it. This has been going on a week. Look at this line of storms holding together really well. From Chicago back through Joplin. The onslaught of these late-day and even nighttime thunderstorms just refuses to quit. Overnight, severe summer storms striking across the country. This lightning show caught on camera in Kansas, illuminating the night sky. In North Carolina, damaging winds blowing through Charlotte. Video catching this tree falling on a car during the storm. In that same area, another tree crashing into a mobile home park. Officials saying one person suffered traumatic injuries. Outside of Durham, a 50-car wreck, backing up traffic for miles on I-85 after heavy rain fell on the region. And in Pennsylvania, a possible microburst destroying part of this building, a billboard crashing right into it. The storm knocking out power, leaving many in the dark. We typically do get summertime thunderstorms. But in August, the jet stream is typically weak but this August it's been pretty active and strong. Nocturnal thunderstorms have been holding together. As a matter of fact, severe storms a possibility as this line enters Chicago and maybe diminishes some during the mid-day hours and be reinvigorated by the daytime heating. This evening, we could see thunderstorms that turn severe. Strong winds, large hail, a brief tornado or two. As you saw from that video, damaging winds is going to be an issue. All right, tropical air mass down across the south. This little guy adding more real estate as far as the ocean is concerned, could turn into a tropical depression or something like that. Right now, we're watching it go offshore. Tomorrow, across the northeast, we could have thunderstorms that could be severe. More on this throughout the program. Whit, over to you. At least two people were

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"More summer storms on the way with gusty winds, heavy rain and hail that could affect the Midwest and the Northeast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65041006","title":"Severe summer storms slam East Coast","url":"/GMA/News/video/severe-summer-storms-slam-eastern-coast-65041006"}