States enact their own security in preparation for pro-Trump demonstrations

The Postal Service has removed several blue collection boxes in numerous cities and Airbnb has canceled reservations in Lansing, Michigan, that appear to be booked by hate groups.
4:25 | 01/17/21

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Transcript for States enact their own security in preparation for pro-Trump demonstrations
Plane loads of National Guard forces are arriving this weekend at joint base Andrews outside Washington by a not liberation day on Wednesday there will be approximately 25000. All I'm Judy in the nation's capital. That is five times as many military personnel in DC. As there are in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Extraordinary in the week and a half since supporters of president trump tried to seize the US capitol and overturn his election loss the FBI. Has issued increasingly dire threat assessments warning of potential armed protests this weekend. And state capitals and in DC and warning that those protests could overwhelm law enforcement and it is a major concern the FBI has also added to its warning the possibility. Of explosive devices at protests we begin this morning in the capital of Merrill and while the governor there says there are no credible threats to his State's capital he has declared a state of emergency ahead of Joseph Biden's inauguration. ABC's Kenneth mode and is an Annapolis to kick off our team coverage this morning Kenneth good morning to you. Good morning Wear it arm proton demonstrations planned an all fifty state capitals but it's hard to see how significant in size dolby. Or if they'll even happen at all federal law enforcement officials say they are well aware that a heavily fortified DC may keep out potential attackers who could turn their attention to state capitals. This morning all fifty state capitals bracing for potential new wave of violence law enforcement officials are working together. To ensure that we don't see or read three of those dangerous. In a league terrible and disgraceful actions. Like the riot in Washington the FBI on alert receiving information about pro trump groups calling for the storming of government buildings. On inauguration day at least ten states activating their National Guard. And Michigan offense now wrapped around the capitol in Lansing. The mere warning people to stay and fight Sunday ahead of a planned demonstration the state legislature suspending this week's session because that credible threat. We remain hopeful that those who choose to demonstrate our capital do so peaceful ain't. Without violence or destruction of property Kentucky shutting down its capital wall Plexiglas is going up in Boston. Barricades are in place in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and a Madison Wisconsin at windows are being boarded up. There's lots are always going around and clearly we are not overreacting in certainly not under react in. But cities across the country on edge and taking all potential threats seriously. Overnight a car fire near an FBI building in Seattle raising alarm. Even though authorities later determined there was no link to extremist. To capitol riots now have federal investigators busy in several states in DC. Images of the suspect approach from writers on display outside DC strain station. In Detroit this large billboards showing an FBI ad seeking tips so far at least 300 open investigations into riot suspects. As he arrest keep coming lease eyes and heart taken into custody and charged with entering the capital. The mother of Eric Marshall who was charged last week after allegedly carrying zip ties into the building. Dominick Rizzo of Rochester New York accuses smashing that capital window and allegedly threatening to kill vice president Mike Pence. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others. Under arrest and taxes ten G a net the far right media personality who calls himself baked Alaska allegedly spotted on video inside the capitol chanting. Patriots are in control. And suspect Dallas area realtor general Ryan telling station KT VT she wants a presidential pardon. Me personally I do not feel the since shame or guilt for my heart from what I was doing I thought I was following my president I thought I was following. What we were called to do. As states like Maryland here work to prevent violence and attacks your Postal Service says removing several moves more blue collection boxes. In cities in seventeen states and DC. Also in Michigan air B&B says it's reviewing reservation that we think would make his own bookings by anyone's determined to be part of a hate group. Or might be coming to the city would finally intentions. Which. All right Kenneth mode for us thank you so much.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"The Postal Service has removed several blue collection boxes in numerous cities and Airbnb has canceled reservations in Lansing, Michigan, that appear to be booked by hate groups.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75307669","title":"States enact their own security in preparation for pro-Trump demonstrations","url":"/GMA/News/video/states-enact-security-preparation-pro-trump-demonstrations-75307669"}