Stunning image shows shark near children in Florida surf

Don Watson shared a frightening image captured by drone of a shark swimming just feet away from his wife and children at a beach where a surfer was recently attacked.
3:41 | 07/03/19

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Transcript for Stunning image shows shark near children in Florida surf
Back now on "Gma," as families head to the beach, a dad is sharing this frightening image. His drone capturing a shark swimming just feet away from his wife and children. Truly incredible. This is at a beach where a surfer was also attacked. C's gio Benitez has the story for us. Good morning. Reporter: Hey, whit, good morning. Yeah, experts say that sharks are creatures of habit so that's why you see one location with many different shark encounters and one family went to one of those locations, new smyrna beach, Florida, using a drone just like this one. That dad was taking photos of his children swimming in the water. He never expected to see that shadow just lurking so close by. Take a look at this photo. Dan Watson was flying his drone taking photos of his kids in the ocean in new smyrna beach last week when he realizes they aren't alone. Swimming toward them a shark. I did shout shark and I screamed at my wife who was a little bit closer to the kids to get everybody out of the water. I was absolutely floored. I could not believe that the shark was that close. So I mean what was going through my mind was just sheer panic and terror. Reporter: The couple racing to get their kids out of the water safely. When mom told us to run out of the water I knew it was something bad in the water so we all ran out and it was very scary. After we ran out the water, the shark swimmed away. Reporter: 18-year-old Riley Wright was bitten by a shark in the leg while he was out surfing. I got this shark gnawing on my ankle. I kicked it. Threw some punch, haymakers. Felt like my whole ankle was in this gigantic mouth with razor sharp teeth. He says he's now walking with a limp but expecting to be back in the water soon. The shark trackers at ocearch keeping tabs on more than 70 lurking off the coast from Miami to cape cod. Scientists finding 11 in cape cod bay earlier this week. According to Florida museum's international shark file last year the U.S. Had the largest number of unprovoked attacks in the world. 32. Nearly half the total number of incidents worldwide. Nearly a quarter of them happening in Florida. According to the museum more than half of the incidents happened to surfers and boogie boarders. 30% are people who are swimming and wading. A sobering thought for anyone planning to head into the waters this summer. So as you take a live look from our drone there, those tips that we always got to be telling you about. Because you don't want to be swimming at dawn, dusk or at night. That's when these sharks tend to be feeding. Don't get in the water if you have a cut. You always hear your parents talking about that, right? Don't get in the water. There is a reason. That's because sharks can smell and taste blood and can then track its source and, of course, if you see a lot of fish nearby, get out of the water. Just don't swim there because if there are fish and certainly seals nearby, that's where sharks might be feeding, guys. We were looking for shadows in the water from the drone image. Didn't see anything so looks safe right now. That's all great advice The young woman page winter who I did the story with who was bitten by a shark had to have her leg amputated. She is doing so well. She is leaving rehab. She is leaving rehab. She still has a long road ahead of her but she -- she is a warrior. Such a spirit. A fighter. Remember her dad Charlie punching it. Thank you for the report, gio.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"Don Watson shared a frightening image captured by drone of a shark swimming just feet away from his wife and children at a beach where a surfer was recently attacked.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64105706","title":"Stunning image shows shark near children in Florida surf","url":"/GMA/News/video/stunning-image-shows-shark-children-florida-surf-64105706"}