Texas church shooting caught on livestream

A gunman who opened fire and killed two people at a Texas church on Sunday was shot and killed by an armed member of the church.
2:20 | 12/30/19

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Transcript for Texas church shooting caught on livestream
to starting with the investigation into the terrifying shooting at a Texas church, a gunman killing two parishioners before armed security volunteers killed the shooter. Marcus Moore is outside that church in Texas with all the latest. Good morning, Marcus. Reporter: Amy, good morning. This attack lasted just seconds before the gunman was taken down during that hail of gunfire. All of it inside a packed sanctuary and a camera was rolling the entire time. Livestream video captures the moment a gunman wearing a dark hoodie emerges from a back pew firing inside this Texas church duringsunday morning service. The gunshots sparking panic in the pews. Worshippers seen ducking for cover. One man covering his wife with his own body. Six seconds into the shooting two members of the church security team returned fire hitting the gunman dropping him to the ground. The 911 calls came shortly before 11:00 A.M. Active threat, 1900 south las Vegas trail. Reporter: Inside the church at least five other parishioners pulled out handguns and carefully approached the fallen gunman. One man kicks away his gun and picks it up. Sad thing he to come in and hurt people and sad thing we had to hurt him. We're going to need help. Reporter: Two churchgoers and the gunman were killed. The citizens inside that church undoubtedly saved 242 other parishioners. Reporter: One woman said her mother saw the suspect and noticed something was wrong. The shooter was sitting next to my mother. She knew from growing up in the church she didn't recognize this gentleman. Reporter: Outside law enforcement secured the area as parishioners visibly shaken consoled one another. We lost two great men today but it could have been a lot worse. Today evil walked boldly among us but good people raised up and stopped it. Reporter: There is no word on a motive this morning. According to authorities, the gunman has had run-ins with police in the past but no details have been released. Leaders here praising the actions of church members as heroic for stopping the attack so quickly. Could have been a lot worse. Marcus Moore for us this morning, thank you. Another religious community

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"A gunman who opened fire and killed two people at a Texas church on Sunday was shot and killed by an armed member of the church.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67979540","title":"Texas church shooting caught on livestream","url":"/GMA/News/video/texas-church-shooting-caught-livestream-67979540"}