Trump set to speak at annual CPAC Conference in Florida

The former president’s speech is much anticipated despite losing the 2020 election and being impeached twice during his four years in office.
4:47 | 02/28/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump set to speak at annual CPAC Conference in Florida
trump is about to step back into the spotlight for the first time since leaving office. He'll be speaking at CPAC today, as many wonder what role he'll continue to play in the Republican party. ABC's Alex Presha joins us with a preview of trump's appearance. Alex, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, whit. The trump return tour. Kind of reminds you of a band closing out a weekend concert series, they've been out of sight and you haven't seen them for a while, built this anticipation. He's the headliner, he'll give hi address this afternoon. His first post-presidency appearance. His aides say he'll use this speech to reassert his power. Trump's fingerprint is already all over this conference. Senator Ted Cruz announcing that Donald Trump ain't going anywhere. There's a giant gold trump statue and Donald Trump Jr. Even renamed the conference tpac in honor of his father. Saying, I assure you that it will solidify Donald Trump and all of your feelings about the Maga movement and the future of respect party. The party is divided over its future. Kevin Mccarthy is in attendance but rep Liz Cheney isn't, neither is Mitch Mcconnell or former vice president pence. I'd also keep in mind the audience here, the theme for CPAC this year is American uncanceled. If more of these attendees, their leader who in the wake of those capitol riots had his social media stripped, out of the public eye, is now returning to the stage. Alex Presha, thank you. Let's bring in our ABC political director Rick Klein. Rick, good morning. When trump speaks today, what will you be looking for specifically in. A comeback when he really never went away. This is a celebration of trumpism at CPAC, clearly the former president is going to revel in the reception that he gets. Is he focused on retribution, retaliation against Republicans that he views as having been less than loyal to him, chart a path forward for the Republican party, that's a message that people outside of CPAC are eager to hear. We don't exhibit him to announce a candidacy in 2024. Clearly the former president wants to signal that he's going to be a major player at least through the midterm elections next year, if not in 2024. Let's look back at this big covid relief plan that's now moved to the senate. In the senate, Biden can't afford to lose one democratic vote given the margin there, can Biden pull this off? They're in decent shape, they got the good news out of the house just this weekend and the prospects in the senate actually got a little bit better even though they lost a better policy argument. Losing on the minimum wage, having been told by the senate parliamentarian, you can't put that in the bill, that $15 minimum wage, that helps the prospects in the senate because it's going to assuage the more moderates. Very likely that this just like in the house will not get any votes from the Republicans, that would be a blow to Joe Biden and the new tone he was hoping to bring to Washington. Assuming Biden gets this bill through, has he spent all of his capital? Can he push through other major legislative priorities like infrastructure, carving out a separate bill on the minimum wage, immigration reform, does he have the mojo to keep these thingsz moving forward? White house officials say this is a very popular president, pushing popular priorities and even if Republican lawmakers aren't onboard, Republicans at the grassroots as they respond to pollsters are on board for these bigger priorities. Something has to be different moving forward. Things like infrastructure and minimum wage bill he'll need to get Republican votes. Does the covid relief start to create some political momentum? Right now it's just a democratic exercise approving these measures. This is going to be very interesting to watch. Rick Klein, so great to have you on the show on a Sunday morning. I want to remind everyone to tune into this morning later to "This week," our chief anchor George Stephanopoulos will interview Mazzie hirono and rob portman. Plus, Dr. Fauci discusses the authorization of Johnson & Johnson's covid vaccine. That's all coming up on "This week" later this morning right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"The former president’s speech is much anticipated despite losing the 2020 election and being impeached twice during his four years in office.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76164123","title":"Trump set to speak at annual CPAC Conference in Florida","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-set-speak-annual-cpac-conference-florida-76164123"}